SATURDAY NEWS DIGEST 3/11: Mayweather makes mainstream headlines declaring he’s coming out retirement to face McGregor (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, MMATorch editor

Conor McGregor (photo credit Adam Hunger © USA Today)

MMA fans and boxing fans and even general sports fans would have had trouble not having their phone notifications buzzing with news of Floyd Mayweather declaring he is ready to get the fight with Conor McGregor made. He posted a video on saying the “dream fight” between MMA’s and boxing’s respective top draws could happen as soon as June.

“I don’t want to hear no more excuses about the money, the UFC,” he said. “Sign the paperwork with the UFC so we can fight in June. Mayweather says he will insist on getting a bigger payday, but indicated he’s ready and he wants McGregor to do what it takes to make the fight happen.

“You’re the ‘B’ side. I’m the ‘A’ side,” Mayweather said, making it clear he sees himself the bigger star driving the success of the fight. “I’m tired of all this crying about money. You’re blowing smoke … if you want the fight, sign the paperwork.”

There’s a lot to be worked out, including whether UFC will promote the fight on a UFC card, or whether UFC will agree to let Showtime promote the PPV in exchange for a financial concession of letting McGregor, contracted to them, fight outside of their auspices.

Mayweather told ESPN earlier this week: “I don’t know if it’s going to happen. If Conor McGregor really wants the fight to happen, stop blowing smoke up everybody’s ass and sign the paper.”

ESPN’s headline reads: “Floyd Mayweather taunts Conor McGregor, calls for June fight.”’s headline reads: “Floyd Mayweather ‘officially out of retirement for Conor McGregor’ fight.” That remains their home page headline through this evening.

Sports Illustrated’s website has the Mayweather news as the no. 2 story on their home page tonight. The headline reads: “Mayweather vs. McGregor is a bad idea. But we’re still going to watch it.”

Excerpt of their editorial:

Even if it happens—and that seems way more likely today than yesterday—let’s be clear here: Mayweather-McGregor is a bad idea. It’s taking two things that seem similar on the surface—mixed martial arts and boxing—and pretending they’re sort of the same thing when they’re not. Both sports involve combatants who want to punch each other in the face. But that’s where the similarities end. MMA is more like wrestling than boxing, or more like boxing mixed with wrestling and ju-jitsu, and that’s why wrestlers or kickboxers or martial artists transition into UFC stardom, not boxers.

Keller’s Analysis: Let’s get this over with. We ran a Roundtable earlier today asking MMATorch’s writers if they want to see this fight. Some want to see it, some don’t, but even those who don’t would probably vote to see it happen if only to get it in the rear view mirror so that, win or lose, McGregor can maybe get back to defending his titles in MMA against deserving contenders patiently (and not so patiently) waiting for him to return to UFC.


-Rising Heavyweight star Francis Ngannou has called out Cain Velasquez, a former two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion, in front of TMZ cameras.

-On the MMA Hour, George St. Pierre said he would remain part of the MMAAA despite his return to the UFC

-Speaking on Submission Radio, Luke Rockhold said he’s certain that GSP wouldn’t fight a top contender if he defeats Michael Bisping for the Middleweight title.

-During an interview with Fight Hype, Floyd Mayweather said Conor McGregor is all talk and no action.

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