TUESDAY TRIVIA: Who ended Travis Browne’s three fight win streak in 2014 and beat him again in 2016?

By D.R. Webster, MMATorch contributor

Travis Browne (photo credit John David Mercer © USA Today Sports)

QUESTION: Travis Browne faces Derrick Lewis in the main event of this weekend’s UFC Fight Night in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Back in 2013. Browne built up great momentum in the Heavyweight Division heading towards a title shot. Most recently, though, his record has been uneven. Who beat him to end his dominant three fight win streak in 2014 as well as giving him his last lost in 2016?


(a) Cain Velasquez

(b) Fabricio Werdum

(c) Andrei Arlovski

(d) Matt Mitrione

ANSWER: The correct answer is not (a) and it is not (c) and it is (b) and therefore not (d).

NOW CHALLENGE YOURSELF WITH YESTERDAY’S QUESTION: MONDAY TRIVIA: Derrick Lewis, who fights Travis Brown this weekend, has won five in a row, but last last to whom?

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