WEDNESDAY TRIVIA: Derek Brunson, who faces Anderson Silva at UFC 208, previously lost how to Jacare Souza?

By D.R. Webster, MMATorch Specialist

Derek Brunson (photo credit Sean Rokorny © USA Today Sports)

QUESTION: Derek Brunson goes into perhaps the biggest fight of his career so far at UFC 208 against the legend, Anderson Silva. Brunson is coming off a loss against Robert Whittaker and is looking to get back to winning ways. Brunson has only lost four out of sixteen total fights and one of his losses came against someone also on the UFC 208 card, Jacare Souza. Which method did Brunson lose to Jacare by?


(a) Decision

(b) TKO

(c) KO

(d) Submission

ANSWER: The correct answer is not (a) and not (b) and is (c) and is not (d).

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