SUNDAY TRIVIA: Which hold did Francis Ngannou, who faces Arlovski next weekend, use to win his last fight to earn Performance of the Night?

By D.R. Webster, MMATorch contributor

Francis Ngannou (Photo credit Michael Adamucci © USA Today Sports)

QUESTION: Francis Ngannou takes on the biggest fight of his young career this weekend against former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Andrei Arlovski. Ngannou is 9-1 in his career and is undefeated in the UFC. A win over a name like Arlovski would be another great boost for his career. His last fight against Anthony Hamilton won him Performance of the Night, which he won via Submission, his first in the UFC. Which hold secured him the victory?


(a) Armbar

(b) Kimura

(c) Rear Naked Choke

(d) Arm-Triangle Choke

ANSWER: The correct answer is not (a) and is (b) and is not (c) nor (d).

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