ROUNDTABLE (pt. 1 of 2): How much of an influence with the MMA Athletes Association have on UFC in the short and long term?


How much influence do you think the MMA Athletes Association can have in the short and long term? Do you think UFC will fight against this hard or cooperate and work with fighters to meet most of their terms?


A lot is uncertain about the new MMAAA. Right now there are a small handful of competing groups with overlapping interests and it will take one of them to stand out from the rest in order for major changes to happen. MMAAA seems to be the strongest of these groups thus far. Two things need to happen in order for this to move forward. 1. They need support and endorsement from the very top level of UFC fighters and that would mean Conor McGregor and/or Ronda Rousey. These are the only two fighters who have the cache to get more than the status quo out of management so they need to be on board. 2. I think they need to secure a legal union status because I don’t see UFC cooperating without any legal obligation to do so. So with all of this in mind, I don’t see the MMAAA having much short term impact but in the long term it seems like an inevitability that UFC fighters will unite to get their fair share.


In the short-term, the MMA Athletes Association will not have much of an impact at all, but in the long term it may very well change the sport. If successful, athletes will be much better compensated and better represented when signing contracts and fighting for organizations. The UFC will likely fight hard against the MMAAA because they are going to want to keep control of their fighters like most businesses would do. If there are not outside forces attempting to affect a business, then that business will do what is in their own best interest.


I sure hope that now and forever this newfound fighters association can bring only positive change and growth to the sport. Without the fighters, there is no UFC. They deserve to be taken care of and so do their families. If there’s any compassion at all within the company then they’ll be open-minded and receptive to all ideas presented. As intense and intimidating as combat sports can be, I believe that deep down all of us, for the most part, want what is best for everyone involved. The fighters deserve to be paid well and so do Dana White and all the UFC employees. So do the folks working at the athletic commission and USADA. Can’t they all just get along?

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