GROCKE’S BELLATOR 167 LIVE RESULTS 12/3: Caldwell vs. Taimanglo, Lawrence vs. Teixeira, Macfarlane vs. Ducote, Njokuani vs. Fialho

DECEMBER 3, 2016



Michael Grocke here with you to take you through Bellator 167. Tonight’s main event is a highly anticipated rematch between bantamweights Darrion Caldwell and Joe Taimanglo. Will Darrion Caldwell avenge his third round submission loss to Taimanglo at Bellator 159? What is the chance veteran, Joe Taimanglo will go 2-0 against “The Wolf?”

The co-main event pits Justin Lawrence against John Teixeira in a battle of featherweights. The main card rounds out with Ilima Macfarlane vs. Emily Ducote in the women’s flyweight division and welterweights Chidi Njokuani vs. Andre Fialho.

As always, I’ll have live round by round coverage of tonight’s main fights, with quick results and commentary on the prelims. Make sure to follow along right here all night, and follow me on Twitter @FightChampBlog

Prelims – (6:15 pm CT)

(1) Joey Soto (0-1) vs. Bronson St. Romaine (0-0) – Heavyweight 265 lbs.

Result: St. Romaine by UD (29-28, 29-28, 28-27)

(2) Jonathan Gary (11-6) vs. Aaron Roberson (5-4) – Lightweight 155 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Gary reverses position and is in full guard. Gary Gary in dominant position but Roberson’s defense is good. The ref stands them up. Back to center cage. They trade jabs. Gary lands a kick to the ribs but is taken down in the process. Roberson looking for side control. Gary looks for an armbar but the horn sounds before he can sink it in.

10-9 Gary

ROUND TWO: Low kick for Gary. Gary tries a spinning kick and misses. Roberson ends up in top position and starts landing shots to Gary’s head. Gary works up to his feet. Gary rushes Roberson and scores a takedown. Roberson working from his back. Gary trying to break guard. Gary has one hook in. Roberson rolls and switches position. Gary working from half guard. Gary gives up his back but rolls through and ends up back on top. Gary trying to land ground and pound, but Roberson rolls and is top position. Roberson misses a big right hand and punches the mat. The round ends with Gary working from guard.

10-9 Roberson

ROUND THREE: Very even fight so far. The last two rounds can go either way. Roberson clinches against the cage. Gary scores a takedown with a nice throw. Gary in side control. Back to half guard. Gary not doing much from on top. Gary lands some short right hands to Roberson’s ribs. For some reason Gary not looking to pass to better his position. Gary doing just enough to avoid getting stood up. He’s making no attempt to pass and Roberson bridges and is out. Gary with another takedown. Gary is in mount. Gary transitions to side control. The round ends.

10-9 Gary

Result: Gary by UD (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: Not the most exciting fight. Gary did enough to win the fight, but never loked to improve his position at any point while he was in dominant position. Roberson didn’t mount much of an offense. 

(3) Justin Patterson (7-1) vs. Codale Ford (11-8) – Welterweight 170 lbs.

ROUND ONE: The feed for the prelims has been spotty at best. The feed picks up a minute into the fight. Patterson catches Ford low and he’s given a minute to recover. Both fighters holding their hands low. Patterson applies some pressure and lands a kick and follows up with a right hand. Ford responds with a low kick. Ford scores a flush head kick that stuns Patterson. Ford follows with a takedown. Ford in side control. Patterson scrambles and gets back to his feet as the round ends.

10-9 Ford

ROUND TWO: Patterson runs out to meet Ford at center cage.. Ford shoots and is stuffed. Low kick for Ford. Patterson needs to get busier. Patterson has Ford against the fence and lands a few nice shots. Ford counters with a right. Patterson lands a nice combination. Ford is hurt. Patterson is landing big shots to the body. Patterson scores a takedown. Patterson has Fird’s back. He has one hook in. Patterson has a choke. Ford gets out, but is still taking shots from the bottom. Patterson working ground and pound very effectively. Ford needs to get out and works his way to his feet and pushes Patterson off. Back to center cage. Two big lefts land for Patterson. The round ends with Patterson teeing off on Ford against the fence.

10-8 Patterson

ROUND THREE: Patterson comes out and applies pressure instantly. He has Ford against the fence again and starts landing big shots. Ford escapes and back to center of the cage. Ford shoots and scores a takedown. He goes for a choke but loses it quickly. Patterson is up and lands a takedown of his own. Patterson has Ford’s back. Ford defending very well. Ford turns and ends up on top. Patterson works back to his feet and is out the back door. Patterson works the body in the clinch. Patterson takes Ford down. More ground and pound. Ford defending well but but has no offense left. They go the distance.

10-9 Patterson

Result: Patterson by UD (29-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: Patterson dominated the second and third round. Patterson wanted to avenge the only loss of his career, which came against Ford. A nice performance.

(4) Jarod Trice (0-0) vs. Tommie Britton (0-0) – Light Heavyweight 205 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Britton opens with a nice combination. They trade knees. Both guys throwing wild, clubbing punches. Low kick for Britton. Another one. Level change for Trice and misses on a takedown. Britton is cut over the right eye. Trice landing elbows against the cage. Britton goes to a knee. Trice landsa few more right hands. Britton stands. The ref calls time out to checkk Britton’s eye. The replay shows it’s from a head butt, but the ref did not see it. Trice works in the clinch. Trice tries for another takedown, but doesn’t get it. He continues to land with Britton’s back against the fence. Britton not showing much offense. The rounds with Trice landing in the clinch.

10-9 Trice

ROUND TWO: Damn, that’s a big cut. They trade ppunches to start the second round. Trice scores a single leg takedown, but Britton is to his feet instantly. Trice lands a big left in the clinch. Britton escapes to his right. Back to center cage. Britton throws a combination and tries for a takedown unsuccessfully. Trice lands a takedown of his own. Trice works ground and pound from half guard. Britton just trying to get through the round, but he’s in a bad spot. Britton works back to his feet. Trice landing more sshoots in the clinch. Britton starting to wear down. Trice landing knees and short strikes. The ref tells Britton he has to fight back. Trice with another takedown. Britton stands, and Trice suplexes him for another takedown as the round ends.

10-8 Trice

ROUND THREE: The action slows for the last round. Britton lands a right. Trice goes for single leg but the fence prevents him from finishing. Trice lands a big head kick. Trice starts show boating. Low kick for Britton. Trice lands a two stiff jabs. Trice is teeing off, but Britton keeps llunging forward. Trice with a takedown. Britton is just trying to survive as Trice lands from top position. Britton works to his feet but is taken back down. Britton works back up again. Trice landing shots in the clinch. Trice with a takedown. More ground and pound. Britton just covers up as the round ends.

10-8 Trice

Result: Trice by majority decision (28-28, 30-25,30-26)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: What fight was that judge watching!?! There is no explanation for that score card. That was a mauling plain and simple. Tommie Britton is a long ways away from being competitive in the cage if that’s the best he has. 

Main Card – Spike (8:00 CT)

(5) Chidi Njokuani (15-4, 1 NC) vs. Andre Fialho (7-0) – Catchweight 175 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Fialho takes center cage. Njokuani cracks Fialho with a big left hand as he was coming in and he’s hurt. Fialho goes down, Njokuani ponces and it’s over. Fialho is out.

Result: Njokuani by TKO (0:21 of Round 1)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: What just happened? I had to rewind it to see the punch that put Fialho out. To say that was impresssive would be an understatement.  Njokuani caught him just as he Fialho was coming in and he was out before he hit the canvass. 

(6) Ilima MacFarlane (4-0) vs. Emily Ducote (4-1) – Flyweight 125 lbs.

ROUND ONE: hey come out throwinng jabs. Ducote catches Macfarlane with an uppercut and she goes down. Ducote establishes top position. Macfarlane defending well from underneath. They are back to their feet. Macfarlane switches and has Ducote against the fence. Macfarlane scores a takedown. Macfarlane lands a few shots from on top but Ducote rols through and is top position. Macfarlane works back to her feet. She turns into Ducote and clinches against the fence. Mcfarlane scores takedown and is half guard. She transitions to full guard. She works for an armbar but doesnt have it. Ducote sweeps into full mount as the round ends.

10-9 Ducote

ROUND TWO: Macfarlane lands a big left that stuns Ducote. Ducote with a kick to the body. They trade jabs. Ducote goes for a kick but Macfarlane lands a takedown. Ducote works from half guard. Ducote works to her knees. Macfarlane back to top control. Ducote gives up her back. Macfarlane works for a RNC. She’s trying to get Ducote’s arm free, but she is defending well. Macfarlane conntinues to work for submissions. Ducote transitions and is in top control. She’s out of trouble, but definitely lost the round.

10-9 Macfarlane

ROUND THREE: All square heading to the last round. They trade jabs center cage. Macfarlane keeping distance. Both women trying to work the jab. Macfarlane clinches against the fence. Macfarlane with a takdown. Ducote in half guard. Ducote kicks Macfarlane off and they are back to center cage. Macfarlane lands an uppercut. They trade punches. Ducote shoots and scores a nice takedown. Macfaralne in half guard. Macfarlane defending well. Ducote lands a punches to the ribs. Macfarlane tries to roll as the round ends.

10-9 Macfarlane

Result: Macfarlane by UD (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: Great fight. These are clearly two of the best fighters the flyweight division has to offer. Macfarlane did just enough to get the decision. I’d love to see these two go at it again. 

(7) John Teixeira (19-1-2) vs. Justin Lawrence (9-3) – Featherweight 145 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Lawrence with a kick to the body. Low kick lands for Lawrence. Teixeira lands  low kick and misses a head kick. They trade punches. Teixeira misses a kick. Lawrence grabs a leg but lets it go. Teixeira with a right hand and follows with a side kickk. They both land right hands. Teixeira misses an uppercut. Lawrence with a left hook as Teixeira comes in. Nice right from Teixeira and has Lawrence against the fence. Teixeira looking for a trip but is defended well by Lawrence. Back to center cage. They trade punches. Lawrence with a front kick. Leg kick lands for Teixeira. Big right lands for Teixeira after they both miss jumping knees. They scramble as the round ends.

10-9 Teixeira

ROUND TWO: Teixeira comes out and misses a head kick. Teixeira lands a left hook. They trade left hands. Leg kick for Teixeira. Another leg kick. Big combination floors Lawrence. Teixeira pushes forward. Lawrence tries clearing his head. Inside leg kick for Teixeira. Big right for Teixeira. Lawrence looks to have weathered the storm. Another riht lands for Teixeira. Lawrence missing a lot of punches. Teixeira misses a flying knee and also misses a spinning back fist. Lawrence misses again. Head kick partially blocked by Lawrence. Leg kick for Teixeira. Those kicks are affecting Lawrence big time. They both miss combinations. Teixeira misses another knee. Teixeira lands a few shots in the clinch as the round ends. Big round for Teixeira.

10-9 Teixeira

ROUND THREE: Big left for Teixeira to open the third round. Lawrence needs to pick up the pace. Nice head kick lands flush for Lawrence. Kick to the body for Teixeira. Teixeira keeps beating Lawrence to the punch. Stiff right lands for Teixeira. Lawrence can take a punch. Lawrence shoots and Teixeira shrugs him off. They trade left hooks. Teixeira has Lawrence pinned to the fence. Lawrence pushes him off. Leg kick for Teixeira. Lawrence has nothing. Right hand for Teixeira and follows with a knee. Lawrence is just trying too survive the final minute. Leg kick lands again. Lawrence goes for a spinning kick as the horn sounds.

Result: Teixeira by UD (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: The first round was close, but after that it was all Teixeira. I’m a bit surprised by this result. I expected a better performance out of  Justin Lawrence. Teixeira did an excellent job maintaining distance. He beat Lawrence to the punch and wore his left leg out. A nice performance from John Teixeira tonight.

(8) Darion Caldwell (9-1) vs. Joe Taimanglo (23-6-1) – Bantamweight 135 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Low kick from Caldwell. Caldwell slips and Taimanglo grabs a choke but loses it quickly. Caldwell transitions to side control. Caldwell steps over but too early. Taimanglo works from half guard. Caldwell works his ground and pound against the fence. Taimanglo defending well from underneath. Caldwell tries to step over to mount but is unsuccessful. Taimanglo kicks Caldwell off of him and the round ends as they both get back to their feet. Caldwell spent the majority of the round working ground and pound.

10-9 Caldwell

ROUND TWO: Caldwell shoots and Taimanglo catches him in a guillotine. He loses it and Caldwell is in half mount. Taimanglo continues to defend well from half guard. More ground and pound from Caldwell. Taimanglo trying to land elbows from underneath. Taimanglo works from full guard. He goes for a triangle but can’t get it. The ref stands them up. Back to center cage. Taimanglo shoots but is stopped by the fence. They scramble and Taimanglo goes for another choke. Caldwell spins out of what could have been a bad position. The round ends with him in top control.

10-9 Caldwell

ROUND THREE: Caldwell shoots and scores a takedown. Taimanglo rolls out and they are back to center cage. Taimanglo pushes Caldwell to the fence. He has one hook in. He tries for the second but Caldwell sits up and turns into him to reverse position. Back to ground and pound for Caldwell. Caldwell steps over into half mount and works more ground and pound. This round is playing out just like the last round. Taimanglo gets back to his feet and gets a trip for the takedown. Caldwell turns and is back in top control. More ground and pound as the fight ends.

10-9 Caldwell

Result: Caldwell by UD (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: Caldwell fought a safe fight. He left himself open at times, but Taimanglo couldn’t capitalize like he did in the first fight. Eduuardo Dantas steps into the cage and the two have words. I can’t wait for the Dantas vs. Caldwell fight. 

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