HISCOE’S LIVE UFC FIGHT NIGHT SAO PAULO REPORT: Real Time Results & Analysis of Bader-Nogueira, Almeida-Morales

NOVEMBER 19, 2016
SAO PAULO, BRAZIL FROM Ibirapuera Gymnasium

Hey everybody, we have quick hit results for the prelims tonight and full round by round coverage from Mike Hiscoe starts at 9 Eastern for the main card. Follow Mike on Twitter for more thoughts and analysis during the week.

Fight Pass Prelims

(1) Francimar Barroso vs. Darren Stewart (Light heavyweight 205 lbs)

Result: Stewart by TKO at 1:34 of the first round.

(2) Pedro Munhoz vs. Justin Scoggins (Bantamweight 135 lbs)

Result: Munhoz by submission at 1:55 of the second round.

Fox Sports 1 Prelims

(3) Luis Henrique vs. Christian Colombo (Heavyweight 265 lbs)

Result: Henrique by submission at 2:12 of the second round.

(4) Johnny Eduardo vs. Manny Gamburyan (Bantamweight 135 lbs)

Result: Eduardo by TKO at :46 of the second round.

(5) Marcos Rogerio de Lima vs. Gadzhimurad Antigulov (Light Heavyweight 205 lbs)

Result: Antigulov by submission at 1:07 of the first round.

(6) Cezar Ferreira vs. Jack Hermansson (Middleweight 185 lbs)

Result: Ferreira by submission at 2:11 of the second round

Fox Sports 1 Main Card

(7) Sergio Moraes vs. Zak Ottow (Welterweight 170 lbs)

ROUND ONE: They traded shots for the first two minutes until Moraes landed a trip takedown. He landed short elbows while in Ottow’s guard, which was very tight. Moraes moved him closer to the cage and slipped into half guard. He didn’t do anything with it and ended up back in Ottow’s full guard. 10-9 Moraes. He did very little but had Ottow on his back for the majority of the round.

ROUND TWO: Ottow came out swinging in the second. Moraes responded with a big right hand. Ottow controlled the center of the cage but Moraes landed the bigger shots. Ottow went for a big head kick that partially connected. As Moraes started to fade, Ottow turned up the volume a bit, mixing in jabs with body shots. Moraes landed a few good shots with less than a minute left. Ottow responded with a left hook to back him up. 10-9 Ottow, he pushed the pace and landed more volume although Moraes got some good shots in.

ROUND THREE: Moraes’ corner told him he won both rounds. Moraes hurt Ottow with a right hand in the first minute. They ended up on the mat and Ottow was able to scramble back to his feet. Moraes landed another right hand. Ottow worked in some kicks to the body and legs. Ottow landed a strong left that rattled Moraes temporarily. Straight right hand for Moraes connected. Ottow busier in the final minute and connected with some good shots late. They throw down for the last 10 seconds. Close round and close fight 10-9 Ottow, so 29-28 Ottow but it could go either way.

Result: Moraes by split decision (28-29, 30-27, 30-27)

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Good opening fight for the main card. Moraes showed some good striking potential and decent takedowns but couldn’t get much done on the ground. He said in his post fight interview that he needs to work on his jiu jitsu. I’m not surprised or upset by any of the scorecards as the second and third rounds were very close. 

(8) Warlley Alves vs. Kamaru Usman (Welterweight 170 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Alves landed a nice right hand early, didn’t seem to phase Usman much though. Both men very active with their footwork. Usman had him backed up against the cage and landed a combo. Alves was very active and happy to circle the perimeter of the cage. Alves came close with a head kick. Alves played the counter game, he didn’t always land but when he did it was solid. Ales with a leg kick. Usman rushed in for a takedown but didn’t get far. Alves missed on a spin kick that allowed Usman to get some offense in late. 10-9 Alves.

ROUND TWO: Usman went for a takedown right away. Alves tried for a guilltone off of it but let it go. Usman had him pressed against the cage, delivering some body shots while keeping all of his weight on Alves. Usman started to land more as Alves was not as quick to counter. Usman with some big shots and he was getting pumped up. Left hand hurt Alves and Usman started to unload. Usman cinched against the cage and deivered some foot stomps. The bloody Alves looked tired with a minute left. Usman taunting Alves as he walked him down. 10-9 Usman, 19-19.

ROUND THREE: Alves connected earl. Alves’ cardio looked to be back for the third round. Usman with some big shots against the cage that connected and Alves didn’t defend much. Usman took him down and went right for his back. Alves sunk in a guiltotine and was hanging off of Usman’s neck. It was tight and Alves started asking the ref to stop it but Usman wasn’t out. Alves lost his grip and Usman ended up on top and delivered some big shots. He went to side control and delivered some elbows from crucifix position. Usman got an arm triangle in but couldn’t get it tight enough but Alves looked to be struggling. He held on to the horn but that’s another 10-9 for Usman, 29-28 Usman.

Result: 29-27, 30-26, 29-28 for Usman by unanimous decision.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Good performance from Usman who recovered from a tough first round and hurt Alves both standing and on the ground.  He was close to finishing Alves a couple of times. Usman said he’s the best grappler in the division and asked for a fight with Demian Maia.  Not a bad call out but a big step up. Maia didn’t look impressed. Usman said he’d put him away in the first round. 

(9) Thales Leites vs. Krzysztof Jotko (Middleweight 185 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Leites engaged in a cinch as soon as he could against the powerful Jotko. They broke apart and Jotko got an elbow in on the way out. Leites landed a left of his own shortly after. Leites got a well-timed takedown and went to half guard. Jotko did a good job defending but Leites is tough on the ground. Jotko almost gave up an armbar but scrambled out and got on top. Leites looked for subs from the bottom. Jotko got some short elbows in to close the round. 10-9 Jotko, but close.

ROUND TWO: Leites went for another quick takedown attempt but he was stuffed. Nice spin kick to the ribs looked to hurt Leites. Jotko stuffed another takedown attempt and he staggered Leites with a punch. Jotko took Leites down. He couldn’t get much done so they were stood up. Jotko countered with a right and then took Leites down again. He went for a big elbow this time as his confidence grew. He landed some big rights and short elbows on the ground. 10-9 Jotko, 20-18.

ROUND THREE: Big left early from Jotko and he went back to the takedown. Leites looked for a guillotine but nothing there. They go down and on the way back up, Jotko hit him with a big left hand. Jotko took him down again and looked to get mount. Jotko delivered lots of rights to the head. He had Leites’ arm trapped. Leites looked to have nothing in him. Jotko with more shots on the ground with less than a minute to go. 10-8 Jotko, 30-26.

Result: Jotko by unaminous decision 29-27, 30-27, 30-27

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Big win for Jotko who showed no fear of Leites on the ground. This wasn’t a great showing for Leites who may be starting to age out. Jotko is legit though and deserves quality competition here on out. 

(10) Claudia Gadelha vs. Cortney Casey (Strawweight 115 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Some crazy exchanges early. Gadelha got the better but Casey not backing off either. Gadelha got a big takedown midway through the round. Casey tried to keep her off with upkicks. Gadelha was on top for a while but didn’t get much in. Back standing, Casey went for a takedown but Gadelha ended up on top. 10-9 Gadelha.

ROUND TWO: Gadelha simply outstriking Casey for the first half of the round. She got a takedown but Casey got up right away. Nice uppercut from Gadelha. She took Casey down with a minute to go. Gadelha landed some shots from the top to close the round. 10-9 Gadelha 20-18.

ROUND THREE: Slower pace to the round. Gadelha got a big takedown, Casey scrambled and as she was on the ground, Gadelha booted her in the face. Casey was hurt bad and it wasn’t even close to a borderline thing we see a lot. Casey was on her butt when the kick hit. They tried to sell it as a glancing blow but it was pure shin to head. No point was deducted. Gadelha unloading on Casey against the cage but Casey kept fighting back. Gadelha took her down but let her back up. Gadelha landed nice combos standing. Gadelha took her down again and moved to mount quickly with 20 seconds to go. 10-9 Gadelha, 30-27.

Result: 30-27 across the board for Gadelha by unaminous decision.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Despite the unfortunate kick to the downed Casey, it was still a good performance for Gadelha. She showed good striking combinations and explosive takedowns. Casey was a game opponent who, while outmatched, didn’t look out of place against the second best strawweight in the world. Gadelha apologized for the kick and said she was expecting her to get up and hit her in the body. 

(11) Thomas Almeida vs. Albert Morales (Bantamweight 135 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Even first two minutes to the round. Both men landed shots but nothing big. Morales started turning it up a bit and got some shots in. Almeida hurt him and swarmed but Morales recovered and grabbed a leg. Almeida got up but gave up his back. Ameida escaped and landed some more. Morales tagged him in the process though. Crazy round 10-9 Almeida.

ROUND TWO: Almeida backed him up with a combo in the second minute. He unloaded on him until he crumbled to the mat and the ref finally stepped in.

Result: Almeida by TKO at 1:37 of the second round.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: That’s the kind of win Almeida needed and the kind of finish this card needed. That’s a good bounce back fight for Almeida who still has to be considered a dangerous contender at 135. There’s a long line at the top of that division but Almeida should definitely be in the mix as he’s one of the most devastating strikers in that division and finishes nearly all of his fights. Almeida wouldn’t call anyone out but he should have called out John Lineker. 

(12) Ryan Bader vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (Light Heavyweight 205 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Bader out quick with light leg kicks. Nogueira landed a couple nice lefts. Nogueira opened up on him but Bader took him down. Bader pounded on him on the ground. Nogueira was unable to defend much. Bader worked to pass and landed a big elbow in the process. More elbows from the top. Nog held on to close the round. 10-9 Bader.

ROUND TWO: Bader took him down right away but Nog was able to get up. Bader took him down again and went for more ground and pound from half guard He moved to mount but went back to half guard. Bader took his back and locked in a choke that looked tight. Nog turned out of it but was still on the bottom getting pounded on by Bader. He pretty much had his way with him on the ground. 10-8 Bader, 20-17.

ROUND THREE: Bader came out with a head kick and punch combos, followed by a takedown. He had Nogueira in the center of the cage in side control. More ground and pound but not a lot of damage. Bader trapped a hand and began unleashing punches on him and finally got the finish late in the round. The crowd was completely silent in Brazil.

Result: Ryan Bader by TKO at 3:51 of the third round.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Quality performance for Bader who has to be considered the top contender after the Daniel Cormier-Anthony Johnson light heavyweight title fight next month. Nogueira showed disappointingly little offense outside of a few big punches very early in the fight. He may be best served following his brother into retirement at this point. Dominant win for Bader.  Bader, who is a free agent, said he wants the shot but would need to talk to the UFC. We’ll see where he ends up but he certainly staked his claim near the top of the division tonight. 

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