GROCKE’S LIVE UFC FIGHT NIGHT – BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND REPORT: Real-Time Results & Analysis of Mousasi-Hall, Pearson-Ray, Johnson-Volkov, Lobov-Ishihara

NOVEMBER 19, 2016

Michael Grocke here with you to take you through UFC Fight Night 99. In the main event Gegard Mousasi looks to avenge his loss to Uriah Hall at Fight Night 75. The co-main event pits Ross Pearson against Stevie Ray in a battle of lightweights. The main card rounds out with heavyweights Timothy Johnson vs. Alexander Volkov, and in the featherweight division Artem Lobov takes on Teruto Ishihara.

I’ll have live round by round coverage of tonight’s main fights, with quick results and commentary on the prelims. Make sure to follow along right here all afternoon, and follow me on Twitter @FightChampBlog

Also, come back tonight for live coverage of UFC 100 – Bader vs. Nogueira. Matt Ecochard has you covered for the prelims, and then Mike Hiscoe picks up the action for the main card.

Prelims – UFC Fight Pass (11:30 am CT)

(1) Abdul Razak Alhassan (6-0) vs. Charlie Ward (2-1) – Welterweight 170 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Front kick to start for Alhassan. They clinch early and Alhassan lands a big uppercut that drops Ward. Ward eats a knee. Alhassan keeps the pressure on as Ward tries to regain his wits. Alhassan closes the distance as Ward stands and drops him with another huge right hand and the fight is called off.

Result: Alhassan by TKO (:53 of Round 1)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: Alhasshan landed some huge shots right out of the gate. Ward was never able to get started. That was very impressive for Alhassan in his UFC debut.

(2) Brett Johns (12-0) vs. Kwan Ho Kwak (9-0) – Bantamweight 135 lbs. 

ROUND ONE: Kick to the leg for Kwak. Kwak with a straight right hand lands. They trade punches in the middle of the cage. Another leg kick for Kwak. Johns scores a nice takedown. Kwak scrambles back to his feet, but is taken down again. Kwak back up again. Johns puching Kwak up against the fence and takes Kwak down. Kwak back up quickly. Johns scores a few short rights. Kwak is down and back up again. Johns picks Kwak up and slams him down and is in side control. Johns scoring with ground and pound. All Brett Johns that round.

10-9 Johns

ROUND TWO: Johns takes the center of the cage to start the round. Johns lands a big uppercut that hurts Kwak. A big right hand for Johns. He pushes Kwak up against the cage. Surprisingly, he’s giving Kwak time regain his composure. Takedown scores for Johns. Back to ground and pound for Johns. Kwak scrambles and gets back to his feet. Both fighters back to the center of the cage. They trade jabs. Kwak misses a knee. Left hook lands for Johns. He follows with a right. A jumping knee lands for Johns. Kwak is slowing down. Kwak lands a jab and then a knee. A combination lands for Kwak. They trade right hands. Johns scores to the body and follows up with a takedwon. Back to ground and pound as the round ends. All Johns again.

10-9 Johns

ROUND THREE: Kwak looks exhausted sitting in his corner. A left hook just misses for Johns. Kwak lands a knee and follows with a big right hand. Kwak landing big shots. Johns shoots and scores a takedown and is in high guard. More ground and pound for Johns with three minutes left in the last round. Johns in top position and there isn’t much effort coming from Kwak. Johns transitions to half guard. Kwak scrambles and is up with 90 seconds left. Kwak lands a right. Johns shoots but Kwak defends it finally. Johns lands another takedown, but Kwak is back up quickly. Kwak landing big shots as the round comes to an end.

10-9 Johns

Result: Johns by UD (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: All Brett Johns in this one. Johns wanted this win badly and he got it in impressive fashion. Kwak showed heart coming out in the third and showing some fire by landing some big shots. Unfortunately it was too little, too late.

(3) Marion Reneau (6-3) vs. Milana Dudieva (11-4) – Bantamweight 135 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Reneau takes center octagon. Front kick misses. Inside leg kick for Dudieva. Reneau misses on a double jab. Neither fighter landing anything early. Reneau lands a jab. Another double jab connects for Reneau. Reneau misses a right. Dudieva catches a kick but can’t do anything with it. Another foot catch and for Dudieva and she scores a takedown. She looks for an armbar but doesn’t have it. Dudieva in high guard. Reneau looking for a triangle, both fighters stand. Reneau pushes forward and lands a jab. They circle as the action stalls. An overhand right misses for Dudieva. Reneau misses on a combination as the round ends.

10-9 Reneau, but I can see it going the other way as well.

ROUND TWO: Reneau back to center cage. They each miss right hands. Low kick lands for Reneau. Nice right hand for Reneau as she cuts off the octagon. Excellent cage control so far for Reneau. She pushes Dudieva to the fence. Reneau has her back. Dudieva with a throw and scores a takedown. Reneau gets to her feet. Dudieva throws some knees. Reneau tries for a knee. Reneau switches position and has Dudieva against the cage. A big knee to the body hurts Dudieva. Reneau doing some damage in the clinch. She’s landing punches and knees. Excellent clinch work from Reneau as the round ends.

10-9 Reneau

ROUND THREE: Dudieva looks exhausted as she slumps over in her corner. Reneau takes center octagon. She peppers her jab but none land. A xombination lands for Reneau and she has Dudieva pinned against the fence again. She lands a knee to the body. Reneau takes her back, she scores a takedown and is in full mount. Reneau landing big shots. Dudieva is in a bad position as Reneau reigns down punches. That’s it, the ref stops it as Dudieva wasn’t fighting back. Good stoppage.

Result: Reneau by TKO ( 3:03 of Round 3)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: Reneau got off to a slow start, but took over in rounds two and three. She was desperate to end the fight so it wasn’t left in the judges hands and she did it. Good performance.

(4) Zak Cummings (19-5) vs. Alexander Yakovlev (23-7-1) – Welterweight 170 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Cummings takes center of the octagon. Head kick misses for Yakovlev. Leg kick for Yakovlev. Left hand lands for Cummings, as time is stopped for an eye poke. Cummings regains his composure and the fight resumes. Body kick lands for Yakovlev. Cummings goes for a kick, bit Yakovlev catches it. He can’t capitalize and both fighters stand center octagon. Nice left lands for Yakovlev. Cummings remains the aggressor followinng Yakovlev around the cage. Cummings catches a kick attempt and pushes Yakovlev to the fence. Yakovlev spins away. Cummings misses an overhand left. Yakovlev lands a combination. Cummings misses a left and has Yakovlev on the fence. Yakovlev is out. Low kick lands for Yakovlev. Cummings lands a nice kick.

10-9 Cummings

ROUND TWO: Cummings comes out and pushes forward. Big low kick to the back of the knee lands for Cummings. They clinch against the fence. Cummings with a knee to the thigh. Yakovlev is off the fence. Cummings lands a straight left. Yakovlev goes to the body. Low kick for Cummings. Cummings misses with a left. He followswith another one that lands. Yakovlev not doing much. Big left lands for Cummings. Yakovlev shoots but is stuffed and Cummings gets the takedown. Cummings is side control. He has a straight arm lock and Yakovlev taps instantly.

Result: Cummings by submission (4:02 of Round 2 – Armbar )

Grocke’s Viewpoint: Uninspired performance from Yakovlev. The submission happened quickly for Cummings after he pretty much dominated the fight.

(5) Justin Ledet (7-0) vs. Mark Godbeer (11-2) – Heavyweight 265 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Godbeer takes center octagon. Godbeer opens with heavy kicks. Ledet lands a clean shot to the head. Ledet pushes Godbeer to the fence and scores a takedown. Godbeer scrambles and is on his feet. Ledet tries to his back, but Godbeer spins out. Ledet with another takedown. He has one hook in, and now he has the second. He looks for the RNC and has it. Ledet taps after trying to fight it off for a few seconds.

Result: Ledet by submission (2:16 of Round 1 – RNC)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: That was impressive. Ledet is known for his boxing skills so ending the fight with a submission is very impressive. Ledet is legit, I’ll be interested to see him up against some stiffer competition.

(6) Anna Elmose (3-1) vs. Amanda Cooper (2-2) – Strawweight 115 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Elmose takes center octagon. Low kick lands for Elmose. They cliinch, but Cooper spins out. Low kick for Cooper. Cooper misses a combination. She follows with another that lands. Straight right lands for Cooper. Head kick from Cooper is partially blocked. Elmose lands a left hand. Nice combination lands for Cooper. Another stiff right for Cooper. Elmose lands a jab. Front kick for Cooper. Uppercut is blocked by Elmose. Left lands for Cooper. A straight right hand drops Cooper and Elmose in top control. She lands big elbows from top position. Elmose trying to posture up and she does, landing a few rights. Cooper scrambles and is back to her feet.

10-9 Elmose. Elmose stole that round late by dropping Cooper and landing some big shots from top position.

ROUND TWO: Cooper opens with a nice right hand. Elmose lands a right in return. Cooper tries a spinning back fist that misses. Comination for Cooper. Elmose slips and Cooper pounces, but Elmose scrambles and somehow ends up in top position. Elmose had Cooper up against the fence and allows Cooper back up. Elmose lands a right. Cooper shoots and scores a takedown. She is in top position looking to do some damage. Elmose goes for an arm from underneath but loses it. Cooper working ground and pound. Cooper in side control. Back to mount for Cooper. She’s landing big shots and goes for an armbar as the round ends.

10-9 Cooper

ROUND THREE: Right hand lands for Cooper to start the round. A left for Cooper. Cooper with confidence and taking control in the third round. A side kick to the face lands for Cooper. Elmose peppers her jab unsuccessfully. A left for Elmose but Cooper counters with a right of her own. A knee lands for Cooper followed by a kick. They trade left hands. Side kick for Cooper. They stand center cage trading punches. A combination lands for Cooper. A straight left for Cooper. Elmose is missing more this round. Excellent movement from Cooper. She shoots and lands a takedown with under a minute left. Cooper is in mount as the fight ends.

10-9 Cooper

Result: Cooper by UD (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: Excellent work in rounds two and three for Amanda Cooper. Elmose landed the big shot halfway through round one, but after that it was all Amanda Cooper. 

(7) Kevin Lee (13-2) vs. Magomed Mustafaev (13-1) – Lightweight 155 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Lee runs out and meets Mustafaev in his corner. Mustafaev lands a big kick to the body to start. Lee shoots and lands a takedown. Mustafaev gets to his feet quickly and has a choke, but loses it. Lee with another takedown. Mustafaev scrambles and is up. Mustafaev pushes Lee against the fence. Mustafaev goes for a spinning back fist but misses. Mustafaev lands a nice spinning elbow. Lee follows with a takedwon and is in side control. He transitions to mount. Mustafaev scrambles and is up. Lee picks up Mustafaev, walks him to center octagon and slams him down. Lee in top control. Lee takes the back and has a body triangle. He goes for a choke as the round ends.

Lee 10-9

ROUND TWO: Mustafaev opens with a head kick that’s blocked. Lee with a takedown. He’s looking for a kimura. Mustafaev works back to his feet. He lands a big kick to the body. Lee with another takedown and has Mustafaev up against the fence. He takes Muustafaev’s back and has a RNC. He loses it biut is still in mount. Mustafaev slips out the back and both fighters are up. Mustafaev lands a nice combination. Lee with a takedown and is in top position. Lee in mount. He has Mustafaev’s back. Lee landing shots to the side of the head. Lee goes for a RNC and Mustafaev goes out without tapping.

Result: Lee by submission (4:31 of Round 2 – RNC)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: Fantastic performance from Kevin Lee. His wrestling skills are outstanding. He gives a profanity laced post-fight interview calling out Conor McGregor. I’m down for that fight.

(8) Kyoji Horiguchi (17-2) vs. Ali Bagautinov (14-4) – Flyweight 125 lbs.

ROUND ONE: They circle to start. Front kick misses for Horiguchi. Left hand misses for Bagautinov. Kick to the body for Bagautinov. Horiguchi goes for a flying knee but Bagautinov catches it and scores  takedown. Horiguchi stands and has Bagautinov against the fence. Horiguchi working for a takedown and muscles Bagautinov to the ground. Horiguchi takes his back. Short lefts land for Horiguchi. Bagautinov stands and reverses position. Bagautinov scores a takedown. Horiguchi scrambles and is up quickly. Horiguchi lands a shot as the round ends.

10-9 Horiguchi

ROUND TWO: Bagautinov opens with a left and follows with a kick. He just misses a head kick. They clinch against the cage. Horiguchi lands two knees against the fence. They separate and back to the center of the octagon. Nice left for Bagautinov. Horiguchi comes back with a nice combination. Horiguchi runs Bagautinov to the fence. Back to the center of the octagon. Bagautinov lands a big kick to the body. They both miss left hands. Horiguchi scores a takedown and has Bagautinov’s back. He peppers right hands to Bagautinov’s right ear. Bagautinov stands and reverses position. Both fighters are out as the round ends.

10-9 Horiguchi

ROUND THREE: Bagautinov lands a low kick. He follows with a kick to the body that just gets through. They both land some nice shots. Bagautinov shoots and is stuffed. They separate. Horiguchi continues to be the aggressor. A left lands for Horiguchi. A spinning back kick just glances the side of the head of Bagautinov. Bagautinov shoots in but can’t finish. Horiguchi lands a few elbows with his back to the fence. He spins out. Bagautinov with a kick to the body. Bagautinov runs Horiguchi against the fence. Horiguchi pushes him off. A combination lands for Bagautinov and follows with a kick. Horiguchi scores a takedown with ten seconds to go. The round ends with Horiguchi in control.

10-9 Horiguchi

Result: Horiguchi by UD (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: That was a good technical fight from both fighters. Hporiguchi was the aggressor and kept scoring takedowns to take the decision.

(9) Magnus Cedenblad (14-4) vs. Jack Marshman (20-5) – Middleweight 185 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Head kick is blocked from Cedenblad. Body punch lands for Marshman. Marshman lands a big left hook and drops Cedenblad. Cedenblad is hurt and shoots and scores a takedown. He recovers as he lands ground and pound while in top position. Excellent recovery for Cedenblad as he was rocked from that hook. Cedenblad happy to work from guard position. Marshman doing his best to work from underneath. Cedenblad continues to land through Marshman’s guard. Marshman is bleeding pretty heavily as he takes more damage to end the round.

10-9 Cedenblad

ROUND TWO: Fronnt kick from Cedenblad as the round starts. He follows with a left hook that scores. Cedenblad lands a nice jab. Cedenblad controlling distance and landing big punches at will. Marshman has to get inside. Marshman’s face is a mess. Cedenblad slips and Marshman lands a big punch. Marshman scores a big combination and Cedenblad shoots in but is blocked. Marshman lands a huge combination that lands flush and drops Cedenblad. Cedenblad is in big trouble. Marshman pounces quickly and lands a few more shots as the ref steps in to call the fight off.

Result: Marshman by TKO (3:32 of Round 2)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: Wow, what a turn of events. Marshman was getting his face punched in for a round and a half until landing a huge combination that rocked Cedenblad. Both fighters took a ton of damage in this fight. Marshman displayed an excellent chin. Congrats to him on the big win.

Main Card – UFC Fight Pass (3:00 pm CT)

(10) Artem Lobov (13-12-1) vs. Teruto Ishihara (10-2-2) – Featherweight 145 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Ishihara goes for a kick and slips. Lobov doesn’t take advantage. Lobov takes the center of the octagon. Lobov blocks a head kick from Ishihara. Ishihara working kicks. Lobov lands a left hook. Ishihara goes to the body with a punch. Ishihara misses a kick. Lobov lands a right. Ishihara shoots but Lobov blocks it. Lobov another right hand. Ishihara throws a front kick with no authority. He jabs to the body. Inside low kick for Lobov, Ishihara with one of his own. Two kicks to the body land for Ishihara. Lobov lands a big right hand, and follows with a left hook. Ishihara tries for a kick that’s partially blocked. They circle as the round ends.

10-9 Lobov

ROUND TWO: Technical issues during round two. From what I saw, it was all Lobov.

ROUND THREE: Low kick from Ishihara to start the round. Left hand lands for Lobov. Another left lands. Ishihara shoots but is stuffed. Low kick from Lobov. A big left from Lobov. Ishihara lands a huge left and Lobov goes down. Lobov recovers as Ishihara gains top control. Ishihara in half guard. Lobov scrambles and is up. They trade punches. Lobov stuffs a takedown attempt. A left lands for Lobov. He follows with a nice combination. Lobov picks Ishihara up and puts hoim on the canvass. Lobov finishes the fight reigning down punches while in top control.

10-9 Lobov

Result: Lobov by UD (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: That was the best I’ve ever seen Artem Lobov fight. He dominated every round, I can’t say enough how impressed I am with that performance. Aside from one big shot from Ishihara, he was never in jeopardy of losing the fight. 

(11) Timothy Johnson (10-2) vs. Alexander Volkov (26-6) – Heavyweight 265 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Volkov takes center of the octagon and opens with a nice right hand. Johnson circling to the right. Volkov lands big shots and drives Johnson into the fence. Volkov landing shots on the clinch. Johnson pushes Volkov off and lands a huge right uppercut. Volkov goes down and is covering up. Johnson pounces and is landing big shots. Volkov using his legs to keep Johnson at bay. Johnson transitions to top control as Volkov tries to regain his composure. Johnson tries to pass. Volkov works back to his feet and pushes Johnson away. He follows Johnson trying to land shots as the round ends.

10-9 Johnson

ROUND TWO: Straight right lands for Volkov. Johnson lunges forward and lands two big right hands. Volkov clinches. Volkov is displaying an excellent chin. Johnson tries to work himself off the fence. He reverses position and has Volkov up against the fence. He scores a takedown. Volkov is up quickly. Uppercut lands for Volkov in the clinch. The ref separates them. John lunges forward again and land two more big uppercuts. They trade punches in the center of the octagon. Volkov pushes Johnson up against the cage. Johnson lands as they separate. Straight right from Volkov. They trade left hands just a the round ends.

10-9 Johnson

ROUND THREE: Johnson lands an overhand left. He follows with a combination but misses. Volkov goes for a knee to the head that just misses. Volkov working in the clinch. Johnson is out and both fighters back to the center of the octagon. They trade jabs. Volkov lands a big knee to the body. Volkov has Johnson pinned up against the fence. Johnson just misses an uppercut. Johnson lunges forward and lands an overhand right. They clinch against the fence. Good takedown defense from Volkov. Big knee to the body for Volkov. They wrestle to the ground as the fight ends.

10-9 Volkov

Result: Volkov by split decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: That was a good fight. Both guys fought hard. I do not agree with that decision. My scorecard was more in line with the judge that scored it a clean sweep for Johnson. Johnson landed the bigger shots, and did more damage. 

(12) Ross Pearson (21-11, 1 NC) vs. Stevie Ray (19-7) – Lightweight 155 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Ray opens with a kick to the body partially blocked by Pearson. Straight right lands for Ray. Low kick lands for Pearson. They circle. Straight left lands for Ray. Head kick is blocked by Ray. Front kick blocked by Pearson. Neither fighter really finding their range halfway through the round. Nice right from Pearson. Low kick from Ray lands. Pearson returns the favor with a low kick of his own. Person with a kick to the body. Switch head kick from Ray. Straight left lands for Ray. Leg kick to the body scores for Pearson. Ray shoots, picks up Pearson and slams him to the canvass. Pearson works his way back up. They circle as the round ends.

10-9 Ray

ROUND TWO: Pearson takes the center of the octagon. Ray just misses a head kick. Front kick for Pearson. Spinning back kick misses for Ray. Low kick from Ray. Pearson struggling to close the range. Ray shoots and drives Pearson to the fence. A knee lands for Ray. Pearson pushes Ray off and they are back to the center of the octagon. They both miss jabs. They trade low kicks. Ray moving very nicely. A combination lands for Pearson. Pearson misses a front kick. They trade kicks to the body. A body shot lands for Ray. Right hook to the body lands for Pearson. Pearson having success to the body. Ray misses another spinning head kick.

10–9 Pearson

ROUND THREE: Pearson can’t feel good entering the final round. He lands a punch to the body. Big leg kick lands for Pearson. They circle. Ray continues to move well as Pearson stalks him down. A body kick lands for Pearson. Inside leg kick scores for Ray. Ray misses on a kick. Another body kick lands for Pearson. Front kick for Pearson. Head kick just misses for Ray. Inside leg kick for Ray, follows with another kick to the body. Pearson continues to pressure. Kick to the head misses for Pearson. Knee to the body for Pearson. They start swinging at each other wildly with ten seconds left, but nothing landing.

10-9 Ray

Result: Ray by split decision (27-30, 30-27, 30-27)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: The judge’s scoring is all over the place for the main card. I had the fight going Stevie Ray’s way 29-28. I just don’t understand 30-27 for Pearson. Anyway, this was a big win for Stevie Ray taking the fight on short notice. This is the third straight loss for Pearson, I’m not sure where this leaves him going forward. This was a tough one for him to lose. 

(13) Gegard Mousasi (40-6-2) vs. Uriah Hall (13-7) – Middleweight 185 lbs.

ROUND ONE: Hall takes the center of the octagon and fakes a spinning kick. They trade low kicks. Hall misses a spinning head kick. They both miss leg kicks. Mousasi lands a jab and follows with a low kick. Stiff jab lands for Mousasi. They trade kicks. Mousasi misses an overhand right. Hall misses another spinning head kick. Mousasi misses on a combination. Nice left lands for Mousasi. Low kick for Hall. Another low kick for Hall. They circle. Low kick for Hall as Mousasi misses with a left. Mousasi shoots and has Hall pinned against the fence. Mousasi muscles Hall down to the canvass and starts reigning down right hands. Hall is not fighting back. More right hands and that’s it.

Result: Mousasi by TKO (4:37 of Round 1)

Grocke’s Viewpoint: After Gegard took Hall down he finished him off quickly. A few punches got through as Hall was on the canvass, but I didn’t think he was in trouble. After multiple right hands, Hall never fought back and just covered up. The way the round was going, for it to end like that was a bit surprising. Congratulations to Gegard Mousasi for winning the rematch he’s been waiting for. He remains a serious threat to the title. 

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