UFC 205 CONTESTS: Prediction and Betting Game Results

By Tommy Strong, MMATorch UK Contributor

UFC 205 had a lot to live up to and it certainly delivered on all fronts. Conor McGregor looked formidable knocking out Eddie Alvarez in the second round to become the new UFC Lightweight champion and the first man in UFC history to hold two UFC titles, in two different weight classes, simultaneously.

It was a night of upsets with no less than six underdogs prevailing over the 11 fights, along with a draw made for a great night of action, but also made for some very grim scoring.

Let’s see how you all got on!


Twenty-six people submitted an entry for this card. Here’s a combined breakdown of how many confidence points you placed on each fighter (Winner in bold):

Conor McGregor -73
Eddie Alvarez -68

Tyron Woodley -26
Stephen Thompson -124

Joanna Jedrzejczyk -234
Karolina Kowaliewicz -3

Yoel Romero -36
Chris Weidman -83

Raquel Pennington -6
Miesha Tate -173

Frankie Edgar -207
Jeremy Stephens -4

Khabib Nurmagomedov -194
Michael Johnson – 1

Tim Boetsch -27
Rafael Natal -59

Vincente Luque -13
Belal Muhammad -79

Jim Miller – 62
Thiago Alves -59

Liz Carmouche -24
Katlyn Chookagian -96


James Brown (38 points) def. Jaymon1002 (35 points) to become the new MMATorch Confidence Picks Champion.
Jaymon1002 came so agonisingly close to entering the prestigious hall of fame. To make matters worse for himself the defeat was all his undoing by placing his joker card on Meisha Tate, this error turned his victory to defeat which saw James Brown becoming the new champion. Maybe next time Jaymon1002, and congrats James!

Next up for James will be Mac Kinder scoring (44 points), who unlike Jaymon1002 made good use of his joker card. Though it wasn’t a great night for anyone, Mac’s use of the joker card propelled him from 4th place to 1st with those extra 4 points earned. Three players were all tied for second scoring (41 points). Joel Wielenga, Eugene Kim and Sean Simpson will all be kicking themselves for not using the joker card which was on offer.

Well done Mac.

Here are the results of the Confidence Picks pool:

44- Mac Kinder
41- Joel Wielenga
41- Sean Simpson
41- Eugene Kim
39- David Little
39- Tommy Strong
38- James Brown
38- Rich Race
38- Norman Price
37- John Lewish
37- Brian Foe
36- Malcolm Piper
35- Sam Martin
35- Jaymon1002
34- Neal Hollic
34- Dan Moore
34- Anthony Sinnott
33- James Lowson
32- John Vaccaro
32- Carll Light
32- Mark Sacchetti
31- Charles Mickael
27- Ben S
26- David Linden
22- Scott Pipher

Note: Should either champion, or challenger fail to submit picks for UFC 206 (Cormier vs. A.Johnson II) Joel and Eugene would step up as a challengers and so on. Everyone else will be fighting for the No 1 contender slot on the night, and the right to face off against either James at UFC 207.


Tommy Strong ($905.02) def. Jaymon1002 ($240) to remain the MMATorch Betting Champion.

Tommy Strong: $822.58

$500 on Conor McGregor for $822.58

Jaymon1002: $240

$100 on Miller for $240

Jaymon’s woes continued in the betting game with another defeat. Neither of us had a night to remember whilst only returning a single bet apiece, but my $500 on Conor was more than enough to take victory and hold onto the title for third consecutive event.

Next up to face me will be Mark Sacchetti who returned $1995 to top the pool, the nearly man once again was Eugene Kim ($1786.29) whilst trailing behind was Sam Martin ($1535) and James Brown ($1515). With only six players able to break even and no one being able to hit their parlay bet, it was a night to forget.

Congratulations Mark, I look forward to beating you at UFC 206.

Here (in no particular order) are the results from the Betting Picks pool:

Mark Sacchetti:

$500 on Romero for $1275

$300 on Miller for $720

Eugene Kim: $1786.29

$500 on Cartouche for $1250
$250 on McGregor for $411.29

$50 on Pennington for $125

Sam Martin: $1535

$500 on Boetsch for $1175

$150 on Miller for $360

James Brown: $1515

$300 on Romero for $765

$300 on Pennington for $750

Mac Kinder $1275

$500 on Romero for $1275

Joel Wielenga $1275

$500 on Romero for $1275

Rich Race: $822.58

$500 on McGregor for $822.58

David Little: $760

$200 on Romero for $510

$100 on Cartouche for $250

Charles Mickael: $720

$300 on Miller for $720

Scott Pipher: $720

$300 on Miller for $720

Dan Moore: $600

$250 on Miller for $600

John Vaccaro: $510

$200 on Romero for $510

Norman Price: $510

$200 on Romero for $510
Sean Simpson: $500

$200 on Cartouche for $500

David Lindahn: $330

$150 on Leque for $330

Anthony Sinnott: $329.03

$200 on McGregor for $329.03

Malcolm Piper: $134.48

$100 on Khabib for $134.48

John Lewish: $0

Brian Foe: $0

James Lowson: $0

Carll Light: $0

Neal Hollic: $0

Ben S: $0

Note: Should either champion, or challenger fail to submit picks for UFC 206 (Cormier vs. A.Johnson II) Eugene Kim would step up as a challenger, and so on. Everyone else will be fighting for the No 1 contender slot on the night, and the right to face off against either Tommy or Mark at UFC 207.

Performance Of The Night: Let’s be totally honest, no one covered themselves in glory, but as James Brown toppled Jaymon to become the new confidence champion, you are awarded POTN.

GOAT: Sorry Jaymon1001, it’s been a tough night for you and I wanted to cheer you up by winning something. You have been awarded the GOAT, for not only losing your confidence title and the chance to enter the HOF, but also failing to win betting title!

Thanks again to everyone who took part, feel free to follow me on Twitter, @Strong_te


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