LIVE UFC 205 REPORT: Real-Time Results & Analysis of Alvarez-McGregor, Woodley-Thompson, Jędrzejczyk-Kowalkiewicz

UFC 205
NOVEMBER 12, 2016

Keep updating this page for live round-by-round coverage of UFC’s debut in New York City. Matt Peterson is covering the prelims and Mike Hiscoe has you covered for the main card. Fighters’ most recent MMATorch Staff Rankings are included in the fight listings.

Ladies and gentlemen,  we are live tonight!  As always, MMATorch is bringing the live results as they happen, so spend the night with us for this truly epic card.

Fight Pass Prelims

(1) Liz Carmouche vs. Katlyn Chookagian (Bantamweight 135 lbs)

ROUND ONE:  Chookagian is the taller and longer fighter here, Carmouche needs to negate that advantage.  Carmouche swinging right awway.  Chookagian moving well side to side.  Chookagian feinting quite a bit right away.  Carmouche working the leg kicks.  Big leg kick from Carmouche.  Solid jab work on the outside from Chookagian.  Double pump jab from Chookagian.  Other than leg kicks, not much connecting from either side.  Caught body kick from Carmouche, eats a jab at the end.  Big leg kick from Carmouche and Carmouche gets the takedown against the fence.  Chookagian sitting up against the fence, Carmouche holding her down.  Chookagian dropping elbows against the fence, Carmouche not giving up control.   Chookagian stands and Carmouche pushes the clinch against the fence.  Carmouche holding Chookagian, landing short punches and a good knee from Chookagian.  Carmouche grinding away against the fence, then slams Chookagian down.  Chookagian has a brief body triangle from the bottom but Carmouche is in solid full guard.  Chookagian tries to spin out against the fence but will end the round on the bottom.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9 Carmouche, control and two takedowns.  No real damange done, but all control.

ROUND TWO:  Carmouche comes out with the clinch early.   Chookagian doesn’t want anything to do with it but Carmouche is holding on.  Chookagian pushes off and is free.  Chookagian working the striking from the outside,  good jabs and kicks.  Both fighters pawing at distance here.  Caught kick by Chookagain and she is slammed down by Carmouche.  Carmouche in half guard, then moves to side control.  Chookagain almost has her back to half guard.  Carmouche escapes and moves for a guillotine.  Chookagain gets her neck free but Carmouche stays on top in half guard.  Chookagain gets her back to full guard.   Carmouche is content to stay on top and grind, landing short punches.  Chookagain manages to escape back to her feet but Carmouche clinches immediately against the fence.  Chookagain escapes and both women working at range again.  Chookagain has a good jab but it’s not doing damage.

Peterson’s Scorecard: 10-9 Carmouche.  More control and takedowns.   Chookagain is still in this fight though.

ROUND THREE: Chookagian rocked her early with a head kick and Carmouche turtled up and was almost finished but was able to hold on. Chookagian landed more punches with Carmouche reeling back against the cage. Carmouche worked takedowns for much of the rest of the round to keep safe but didn’t do much damage.

Peterson’s Scorecard 10-9 Chookagian. 29-28 Carmouche overall

Result: 29-28 Chookagian, 29-28 Carmouche, 29-28 Carmouche by split decision.

Peterson’s Analysis: Disappointing outing from Chookagian, who seemed to be on the rise. Carmouche is no slouch and showed that she’s still a threat at 135. Her takedown game was strong and weathered the storm late in the fight. 

(2) Jim Miller vs. Thiago Alves (Catchweight 163 lbs)

Fun side note,  Jim Miller and CCR might be one of my favorite walkout routines of all time.

Fun side note #2,  this was supposed to be a lightweight fight but Thiago Alves ate Charles Oliveira and couldn’t make weight.

ROUND ONE:  Miller taking the center of the cage tonight.  Miller utilizing the footwork early.  Alves lands a solid knee.  Both trade, Miller lands a nice low kick.  Good straight left from Miller and a good body kick from Alves.  Double pump jab from Alves and a missed head kick from Alves.   Takedown from Miller and he lands in full guard.  Alves looking to hold Miller down and Miller posturing.  Alves tries to kick out and Miller dives back on top.  Alves scooting backwards to the fence and trying to spin out.  Miller ends up in half guard and gains partial back control against the fence.  Alves explodes out and Miller clinches against the fence.  Alves looking to land hooks and Miller jabbing.  Great body kick from Miller.  Good inside leg kick from Miller.  Missed high kick from Miller and Alves starts landing.  Miller clinches against the fence and Alves spins out.  Alves throws a head kick that’s blocked and the bell rings.

Peterson’s Scorecard:   10-9  Miller.   Pretty even on the feet but the takedown from Miller should be the deciding factor.

ROUND TWO:  Now we should be able to see if the weight cut has any effect on Alves.  Good body kick from Alves and a straight left from Miller.  Miller landing more straight shots down the middle.  Good leg kick from Alves.  Miller catches a kick to the body that may have hurt him and he goes for a single leg on Alves.  He doesn’t have it and they’re back up.  Big body kick from Miller.  Alves throws a knee and Miller throws him down.  Full guard and Miller steps over into half guard.  Miller briefly in side control and back to half guard.  Miller dropping short punches from the top.  Alves moving back towards the fence again.  Miller is looking for a choke but nothing there yet.  Alves against the fence and Miller in half guard.  Miller drops for the guillotine and it’s not there.  Alves is up and Miller clinches.  They seperate and both landing.  Body kick from Alves.  Alves clinches and lands a good knee.  Miller drops and holds onto a single leg.   They seperate and Miller lands.  Good body punch from Alves.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9 Miller.  Alves landing but he’s slowing down and Miller had the takedowns and control.

ROUND THREE:  Alves breathing heavy on the stool, his corner tells him he needs to be aggressive.  Front kick from Miller.  Solid body kick from Alves.  Leg kick from Alves.  Great inside kick from Miller.  Alves swinging hard against the fence but Miller escapes.  Alves swings and a great takedown from Miller that puts him in full guard.  Miller landing short elbows from the top and Alves trying hard to escape.  Miller moves to half guard.  Alves very close to escaping and Miller keeps rolling him back.  Alves escapes and Miller tries for the choke.  Nothing there and they’re back up.  Solid body kick from Miller and one right back from Alves.  Good low kick from Alves and a perfectly timed takedown from Miller.  Right to half guard and Alves rolls, giving up his back.   Miller holding him down and trying to roll into back mount.  Alves rolls and Miller nearly has the guillotine.  Miller is back in half guard and Alves is exhausted.  Miller postures and Alves escapes back into half guard.  Miller grabs the neck again  and Alves escapes and lands in top control.  Alves dropped punches from the top but it’s too late.  Miller will survive to the bell.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9  Miller.  Alves wanted it but Miller had the great takedowns and grappling.   Should be UD Miller.

Result:  30-27 x 2, 29-28 Miller via unanimous decision.

Peterson’s Analysis:  Smart fight from Jim Miller.  He put on some weight to make sure the fight happened and he stuck to the gameplan  for the win.  Alves may have a future at 155 but he needs to get his weight cut under control or he has no future at all.

Fox Sports 1 Prelims

(3) Vicente Luque vs. Belal Muhammad (Welterweight 170 lbs)

ROUND ONE:  Luque switches to southpaw right away.  Belal circling on the outside.  Solid body kick from Luque.  Belal landing some punches early.  Big left hook from Luque and Belal is down!  Luque swarms and it’s over!   Big John steps in and that is incredible!  Huge win right there.

Result:  Vicente Luque via TKO at 1:19 seconds in Round 1.

Peterson’s Analysis:  That punch was amazing and that’s as clean as it gets. Belal didn’t even have time to start working any sort of game plan.  Luque has four wins via finish in his last four fights and he may have a very bright future ahead of him.   It’s  a big setback from Belal but there’s no reason to think he can’t come back from this.

As always, the pacing on FS1 is painfully bad.  We probably have another full fifteen minutes of Conor McGregor commercials before the next fight.  It’s a good thing Rogan mentioned Eddie Alvarez or else I’d just assume McGregor was fighting himself.

(4) Rafael Natal vs. Tim Boetsch (Middleweight 185 lbs)

ROUND ONE:  Boetsch taking the center right away.   Tries to clinch with Natal and Natal escapes.  Boetsch in the center and Natal circling on the outside.  Boetsch swinging big right off the bat.  Body kick from Natal that’s blocked.  Big overhand from Natal that misses.  Natal drops for takedown but gives up on it.  Both fighters swing big and miss.  Boetsch slowly stalking Natal down.   Natal drops for another takedown he gives up on.  Boetsch is moving in and Natal is circling, nearly running from him.  Good leg kick from Boetsch.  Solid front kick from Boetsch and a good spinning back fist from Natal.  Big punches from Boetsch and Natal lands one too.  Leg kick from Boestch.  Good body kick from Natal and he catchs from Natal.  Big right hand immediately from Boetsch and Natal drops!  That’s all, few followup strikes and Natal is done!  Huge huge knockout right there.

Result:   Tim Boetsch via TKO at 3:23 in Round 1.

Peterson’s Analysis:  That’s another huge knockout for Boetsch right there.  Natal was swinging at air and Boetsch stalked him down the entire fight.  That hit was brutal and Boetsch proves that he can knock anybody out.  Two great knockouts in a row for these prelims.

Sorry Anthony Bourdain but Ron Perlman is the best UFC narrator there is.  Really great piece about the history of boxing at Madison Square Garden.

(5) Khabib Nurmagomedov (#2) vs. Michael Johnson (#7) (Lightweight 155 lbs)

ROUND ONE:  Johnson doing a lot of footwork early.  Johnson working the jab early.  Leg kick from Johnson.  Quick hands early from Johnson.  Good left hand from Johnson.  Khabib seems to be hesitating and Johnson is really throwing hard and fast.  Johnson is catching Khabib and he hurts him!  Khabib seems to recover but Johnson is still throwing hard.  Johnson connects and Khabib shoots.  Khabib clinching against the fence.  Khabib throws Johnson down and lands in side control.  Khabib holding Johnson down and moving for the crucifix.  Khabib has it and Johnson’s hands are trapped.  Johnson spins and goes back to side control.  Khabib is working Johnson on the ground now.  Good short punches from Khabib.  Good elbows from Khabib on the top.  Johnson needs to move and he can’t.  Khabib posturing and moves to half guard.  Johnson can’t seem to escape and he’s getting pounded.  Johnson tries to escape and gets mounted against the fence.  Khabib is dropping hands on Johnson and is getting them through.  Khabib is getting the back and still dropping heavy bombs.  Johnson rolls over and he may survive.  Johnson tries to stand and Khabib throws him down.  The bell rings and Johnson survives.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9 Khabib.   Almost a 10-8 but Johnson had the solid offense early on.

ROUND TWO:  Johnson looks back to normal now.  Using a lot of footwork again, he doesn’t want to get taken down.  He’s  still swinging big and catches one on Khabib.  Good jab from Johnson.  Good combo from Khabib.  Khabib ties Johnson up and pushes against the cage.  Johnson pushes back hard and escapes.  Takedown attempt from Khabib and Johnson escapes.  Khabib pushes again and gets the takedown.  Guillotine attempt from Johnson and he doesn’t have it.  Immediately to crucifix from Khabib and he’s mauling Johnson again.  Johnson is tied up  and Khabib is pacing himself.  Johnson has nowhere to go.  Khabib is posturing and Johnson cannot move at all.  Khabib’s punches are audible at this point.  Big John is warning Johnson to move.  Khabib is taking his time with Johnson now.  Khabib has Johnson’s back and is landing at will.  Big John is right on top and watching closely.  Johnson trying to escape against the cage but he has nothing.  Johnson tries to roll and gets thrown back down.  The bell rings and Johnson survives again.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-8 Khabib.  That’s a brutal beatdown and it’s amazing Johnson survived.

ROUND THREE:  Johnson is breathing heavy and looks hurt.  Johnson is moving a lot and is swinging hard.  Khabib drops and gets the takedown again.  Johnson has his back to the fence and it’s all elbows from Khabib.  Big John is right there and he might stop this soon.  He’s warning Johnson but Johnson can’t do a thing.  Johnson sits up against the fence and Khabib drags him back down.  Full mount for Khabib and he traps Johnson’s right arm.  Khabib moving from the arm triangle choke.  Johnson tries to cage walk and Khabib keeps him trapped.  Khabib is back to side control and looking for a submission.  Khabib has a kimura and Johnson taps!   Pure domination right there from Khabib.

Result:   Khabib Nurmagomedov via submission (kimura) at 2:31 in Round 3.

Peterson’s Analysis:  Brutal beatdown for nearly the entire fight from Khabib.  Johnson has solid game but Khabib was on a whole different level.  If Khabib doesn’t get a title shot, the fans deserve the Khabib-Ferguson fight finally.

Khabib takes over the interview from Rogan, trashes Conor and calls for the title fight.  Guy deserves it after the treatment he got from the UFC.  That guy knows how to do a post-fight interview.

(6) Frankie Edgar (#4) vs. Jeremy Stephens (Featherweight 145 lbs)

ROUND ONE:  It’s almost shocking how much bigger Stephens is than Edgar.  Edgar moving and pumping that jab.  Leg kick from Stephens.  Takedown attempt from Edgar and it’s stuffed.  Edgar circling all over the place.  Another shot from Edgar and it’s stuffed again.  Good body kick from Edgar.  Missed knee from Stephens.  Jab and low kick from Stephens.  Head kick that misses from Stephens.  Edgar shoots and Stephens defends.  Clinch from Edgar and he’s got Stephens’ neck.  Stephens escapes and Edgar is looking for the takedown on the fence.  Edgar working hard but Stephens has amazing balance.  Brief takedown from Edgar but Stephens is right back up.  Edgar throws him down again but Stephens is right back up.  More clinch work on the fence from Edgar.  They seperate and a knee on the exit from Stephens.  Big body kick from Stephens.  Eyepoke from Stephens and the referee pauses.  Edgar says he’s fine but referee is calling for doctor still.  Edgar keeps saying he’s fine and they start it back up.  Low kick from Edgar.  Big left hook from Stephens misses and a head kick misses too.  Both men jabbing and miss.  Front kick from Edgar.  Two big hooks that miss from Stephens.  Round ends as Stephens moves in.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9 Edgar.  Edgar had the brief takedowns but that’s a very very close round.

ROUND TWO:   FS1 issues and missed the first two minutes, apologies.   We’re back at it and head kick from Stephens lands and Edgar is hurt!  They clinch and Stephens escapes.  Edgar is still hurt and Stephens is stalking him.  Edgar seems to recover and is moving well again.  Edgar might not be all back yet and Stephens is still hunting him.  Big takedown from Edgar and he has half guard.  Stephens is up but Edgar grabs the guillotine!  It’s tight but Stephens manages to escape.  Edgar stays on top in half guard and is going for the choke again.  Edgar steps over into guillotine and it’s tight.  Stephens escapes and round ends with Edgar on top.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9  Edgar but it was so close with head kick for Stephens and takedowns and near submissions from Edgar.

ROUND THREE:  Both men back in the center and Stephens swinging big right away.  Huge leg kick from Stephens that hurts Edgar.  Head kick from Edgar misses.  Big leg kick from Stephens and Edgar takes him down.  Edgar in half guard and working short punches.  Stephens firing punches up from the bottom.  Stephens working the kimura from the bottom and Edgar escapes.  Stephens holds onto the arm and Edgar drops big punches from the top.  Edgar drags Stephens to the fence and gains back control.  Edgar working for the rear naked choke with one hook in.  Stephens trying to escape but he’s tied up.   Stephens is up and Edgar throws him back down.  Edgar still working back mount.  Stephens is back up but Edgar is all over him.  They separate and Stephens is stalking him.  Stephens is throwing big now.  Missed spin kick from Edgar.  Stuffed takedown from Edgar.  Missed uppercut from Stephens.  Stephens throwing some big hooks that miss.  Body shot from Stephens.  Stephens is walking Edgar down and he needs a finish.  They tie up and Stephens is throwing those hands.  They swing big as the round ends.

Peterson’s Scorecard: 10-9 Edgar.  Takedowns, back control and precision striking.  Might go either way based on the two close first rounds.

Result:  30-27 x 2, 29-28 for Frankie Edgar via unanimous decision.

Peterson’s Analysis: That played out exactly how it was supposed to.  Stephens is a beast, tough and hard hitting but Edgar moves too well to stand and bang with him.  Both men fought well and Edgar needs that win to rebound from his loss against Aldo.

Pay-Per-View Main Card

Mike Hiscoe here with you for the rest of the night. Quite the night of fights so far. Let’s hope it keeps up for the main card.

(7) Miesha Tate (#2) vs. Raquel Pennington (#9) (Bantamweight 135 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Miesha Tate was very pumped up pre-fight, screaming frequently. Rocky landed jabs and leg kicks early, controlling the action and the cage. Tate worked for a takedown against the cage but Rocky defended well, and locked in a guillotine. Tate pushed off the cage with her feet aggressively to try and get out but Rocky held on. Tate got out and got a takedown but that was really close. Rocky got up but Tate was trying to take her back. They stood in a stalemate position for some time. Tate basically hung off of Rocky and pulled her down as the round ended. 10-9 Pennington.

ROUND TWO: Rocky worked the left jab with precision early on and Tate had no answer for it. Tate initiated a clinch and worked her way towards the cage. Tate threw a few knees that were answered by Pennington. Rocky landed a nice uppercut in the clinch. Rocky took her back and worked for a takedown but no luck. Pennington landed some right hands with Tate’s back against the cage. Pennington was very effective in neutralizing anything Tate tried to do this round. Rocky landed some knees in the clinch and some body shots. Miesha landed a knee but looks to be gasping for air. 10-9 Pennington, 20-18.

ROUND THREE: Tate tried to pull guard right away but Rocky wasn’t having it. They did end up on the mat and Tate went for an armbar. Pennington got some shots in but Tate was close with some armbar attempts. Pennington would have been best to just disengage but stayed on the ground. She got out of the armbar and took a north-south position and stood up. Pennington tried for a guillotine that didn’t get far. Tate then went for a leg lock that Rocky escaped. Rocky got a takedown with 30 seconds left. She rained down some punches as the round ended. 10-9 Pennington, 30-27.

Result: 29-28, 30-27, 30-27 Raquel Pennington by Unaminous Decision.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Very disciplined performance by Pennington who showed that she’s a versatile fighter and more than just a brawler. Pennington has really grown as a fighter and has to be considered a legitimate contender. Miesha Tate somewhat abruptly announced her retirement after the fight. What a year it’s been for her, fro the highest of highs to this. I think she had more fight in her but she said she couldn’t get it out and retired because of this result. It’s weird because she’s been talking about a third Rousey fight lately. All the best to Ms. Tate. 

(8) Chris Wedman (#3) vs. Yoel Romero (#5) (Middleweight 185 lbs)

This fight will be very telling in how Weidman has recovered from that neck surgery he had at the advice of Kurt Angle. Michael Bisping watching from the Fox booth with interest.

ROUND ONE: Weidman came out with big leg kicks that he kept whiffing on. Romero delivered a stiff kick to the body. Wedman looked very light on his feet. Weidman went for a single leg and had him down briefly but didn’t really complete the takedown. Weidman landed a couple leg kicks. Romero not getting much off thus far. Weidman got another single and got him down briefly and took Romero’s back as he got up. Round ended before he could do much with it. 10-9 Weidman.

ROUND TWO: Romero slow off the stool to start the second. No joke, and they had to wait to wipe up the water on the mat. Romero thew more this round in just the first minute. Weidman still utilized the leg kick. Romero landed a nice left hand but Weidman walked through it. Romero acted like he was poked in the eye and the ref went for it. Replay showed it was legit. Trip takedown from Romero but Weidman got right back up. Romero on his back tried to get him back down. Weidman tried to throw back elbows but Romero’s head was too low. He got him down but Weidman got right back up. Romero didn’t let go though and got him down again, this time following up with punches on the ground. 10-9 Romero, 19-19 through two.


Two big leg kicks from Weidman to start the round. Romero nailed him with a flying knee, he followed up with punches on the ground and that was it. Weidman was gushing blood after the stoppage. Romero marched around the outside of the cage and saluted the crowd who were HATING it.  

Result: Romero by TKO at :24 of the third round. 

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Replay showed Romero hit the knee as Weidman went in for a takedown. Huge knockout and good win for Romero. Too bad Bisping doesn’t want to fight him. Weidman looked good up to that point though so he’s not done. With the win over Jacare last year and Rockhold out, Romero has to be considered the top contender. Romero asked for a title shot afterwards. Joe Rogan spoke like it was a sure thing. Bispinng gave him the finger from his booth. They have the footage to hype the fight now so they pretty much have to do it at this point. 

It’s pretty telling that they’re using this show to hype UFC 207 when 206 is still to come. Oh shit, they ain’t messing around. Dimmed lighting for the third to last fight. Karolina is standing there seemingly unaware she is about to engage in a fist fight with a mad woman.

(9) Joanna Jedrzejczyk (#1, #9 P4P) vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz (#3) (Strawweight Championship Bout 115 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Only first names here folks, I need this keyboard to last a while.  Both women threw often early on. Joanna mixed in some leg kicks. Joanna got the better of most early exchanges. Joanna throws about 6-7 strikes in like half a second it’s amazing. They clinched and Karolina pressed her against the cage. Joanna was able to reverse. Karolina got an elbow in as they broke. More combos from Joanna late. 10-9 Joanna who is just too good but Karolina holding her own thus far.

ROUND TWO: Big elbow by Joanna out of the clinch. Karolina looked slower and had no answer for the precise striking Joanna offered. Karolina would try and close the distance, get the fight against the cage, but Joanna easily reversed and landed parting shots. Joanna made much better use of kicks than Karolina. Karolina had some loose tape on her left hand that appeared to distract her. Karolina went for a single leg takedown but Joanna showed good defense. Karolina caught a kick and pushed Joanna back to the cage.  It didn’t get her very far and Karolina ate some elbows in the process. 10-9 Joanna. 20-18

ROUND THREE: Joanna worked kicks to keep Karolina at a distance, which was effective. Karolina got a few shots in but Joanna was unfazed and just continued with combinations that would always conclude with a kick. Joanna outstriking Karolina at at 3-1 rate through three rounds. Joanna with a big elbow against the cage and escaped untouched. 10-9 Joanna. You can argue for 10-8 but she hasn’t come close to a finish yet. 30-27.

ROUND FOUR: Karolina with an early flurry but got stuffed against the cage by Joanna. Karolina landed a big punch that hurt her and she followed up, getting close to a finish. Joanna clearly rocked but fought back trying to compose herself in the process. Karolina with renewed confidence continued to press but Joanna looked to have her wits back. Another elbow on the break by Joanna. They traded spinning backfist attempts. Nice combos by both to close the round. 10-9 Karolina. 39-37 Joanna

ROUND FIVE: Joanna came out strong even though it’s Karolina who needed the finish. Joanna with more kicks to Karolina’s legs and body. Joanna threw in a lot of front and push kicks. Karolina ate a lot of shots in this fight but she didn’t look too worse for wear. Joanna is just too fast and lands such a high volume of strikes, it is impossible to beat her unless someone catches her with a well timed punch that knocks her out. Joanna held on to Karolina and delivered a knee followed by several punches against the cage. 10-9 Joanna. 49-46

Result: 49-46 across the board for Joanna by unanimous decision. 

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Joanna continues to be untouchable and is running out of contenders. They may have to feed Paige VanZant or Rose Namajunas to her before either are ready. Jessica Andrade may be another possible contender. Karolina showed great heart and held her own and was close to pulling off the upset. Joanna is just a level above everybody and one of the best pound for pound fighters alive. 

That UFC 206 main card actually turned out pretty good.

(10) Tyron Woodley (#1) vs. Stephen Thompson (#2) (Welterweight Championship Bout 170 lbs)

I have no idea how this fight is going to go, but I can’t wait to find out.

ROUND ONE: Thompson switched stances early. Woodley stayed on the outside to try and figure out his timing or to counter. Very tentative from both men to start. Thompson, who is much taller, is really low in his stance which may make for an easier to reach target for Woodley. Woodley got him down and was in half guard. Woodley tried to pass and threw a lot of shots to Thompson’s liver to try and get free from his guard. Woodley was never able to effectively pass guard but he did land a lot of body shots throughout the round. 10-9 Woodley.

ROUND TWO: Thompson with a cut on his nose from an elbow in the first round. Woodley was very careful of Thompson’s kicks. Woodley got a clinch against the cage and worked some knees to Thompson’s legs. Thompson with a kick to the body. Thompson started to open up more this round. Woodley ate some punches and gave a “come on” gesture to Thompson who started to land more and more as the round went on. 10-9 Thompson, 19-19.

ROUND THREE: Woodley was more aggressive and spent less time with his back to the cage early on. Woodley landed a leg kick but Thompson responded with a big combo that connected. Thompson beat Woodley to the punch on most exchanges. Woodley landed a big leg kick that nearly dropped him. Woodley landed some good shots late but still seemed a step slower. 10-9 Thompson, 29-28 Thompson.

ROUND FOUR: Woodley showed a lot of respect for Thompson’s striking, rightfully so, but it hindered him from executing anything of his own. Just as I say that, Woodley rocked Thompson and put him down twice with big punches. Woodley with dozens of punches on the ground and standing and the ref is letting this one go. Thompson looks really hurt. Woodley went for a guillotine and Wonderboy held on. He cinched it in deep and Thompson refused to tap. Woodley squeezed with everything he had and you could see Thompson slowly slide out. He got out and the crowd went crazy. Now Thompson on top throwing punches at a tired Woodley. Big shots from Thompson from the top to end the round. 10-9 Woodley, 38-38

ROUND FIVE: Woodley looked exhausted from that last round, which was a crazy round. Jumping kick from Thompson almost caught him. Woodley had his back to the cage and Thompson closed in and threw some kicks. Thompson threw some jabs at Woodley who was being patient, waiting for his shot. Thompson peppering Woodley will small shots but they were landing.. Woodley with a flurry late but didn’t connect with much. Thompson landed a nice right at the end of the round. 10-9 Thompson, 48-47 Thompson.

Result: 47-47, 47,47, 48-47 Woodley retains by majority draw

Hiscoe’s Analysis: Bruce Buffer left the cage just as he was about to read the scores. He came back and read the scores I listed. It should be a majority draw, in which case Woodley still retains but it’s not a decision for Woodley. What a mess. Buffer came back and said “We have a correction.” He then announced it is a majority draw. This is the closest MMA will ever get to a Dusty Finish. This was a close fight that could have gone either way and could have been stopped in the fourth round. Woodley wasn’t as aggressive as he needed to be and he was clearly tired fro that guillotine attempt and couldn’t do much in the fifth. Great fight and welterweight is now a wide open division. I had Thompson winning and I hope they do it again. 

(11) Eddie Alvarez (#1, #6 P4P) vs. Conor McGregor (#1 FW, #4 P4P) (Lightweight Championship Bout 155 lbs)

ROUND ONE: Alvarez rushed out to take the center of the cage immediately. Eddie with leg kicks early that threw Conor off. McGregor countered and dropped Eddie and he looked out for a moment. Eddie shook it off but Conor had him backed up. Eddie slipped trying to get inside on Conor. Conor very composed and methodical. He dropped him again and this time followed him to the ground. Conor with shots from the top and some elbows. Eddie, back on his feet, looked composed but wary of Conor’s power. Both traded shots. 10-8 Conor.

ROUND TWO: Conor caught him with a left hand early on. Conor started throwing lots of kicks and loosening up a bit, putting his hands behind his back momentarily. Conor dropped Eddie again briefly. Eddie went for a takedown against the cage but Conor defended. Conor with a combo that rocked Eddie and it was stopped as Eddie hit the mat. Conor has made history and might be the greatest fighter alive.

Result: McGregor by TKO at 3:04 of round 2.

Hiscoe’s Analysis: As obnoxious as he can be about it, Conor McGregor has made history and deserves all the credit for making it happen. I was surprised how easily he put away Eddie Alvarez and it goes to show that what happened in March against Nate Diaz was just a blip and not the norm for McGregor abover 145. This was beyond what I thought McGregor was capable of and he is one of the most impressive fighters in the sport and most significant figures in the history of MMA. 

The fight capped off a great show that certainly lived up to the hype and was hopefully worth the wait for those in New York.

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