Bobby Lashley says he’d like to fight Brock Lesnar, predicts how the fight would go (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, MMATorch editor

Bobby Lashley's public workout before Bellator 162 (photo credit Bellator P.R.)

Bobby Lashley, who fights for Bellator and pro wrestles for TNA Impact, tells TMZ he wants to keep doing both, but he is eyeing both the Bellator Heavyweight Title and a potential Brock Lesnar fight. The following is what Lashley had to say about those topics:

-On whether he is going to keep working for both TNA and Bellator: “Well, for right now, it has to be both because the way my contracts are set up. I love wrestling, and I think I could do wrestling forever, but I’m doing whatever takes care of my kids and family the best. There’s a Heavyweight Title open in Bellator and if I start leaning toward that, I might have to lean more on fighting.”

-On whether he’d like to fight Brock Lesnar: “I think it would be really interesting. There have been a lot of people who have asked me that. I get asked that almost every day. I think there’s so much money in that.

-On the style of fight he projects he’d have with Brock Lesnar: “I think it would turn into a slugfest. I know Brock isn’t going to be taken down by easy takedowns. It’s going to be hard. I scramble really well. Brock has a little more size on me, but I scramble really well, so it’d be hard for him to have a takedown. So neither one of us would be taken down, we’d have to rely on striking. It’d be a slugfest. I think it’d be a fun fight to have.”

-On whether he thinks he’d win: “I get into fights where I know my hand is going to get raised, and that’s one I feel confident on… I’m not going to say Brock is going to win. Of course I see my hand raised in any fight I’m in.

Keller’s Analysis: Given Lashley’s lack of Top Ten Heavyweight competition in amassing his 15-2 record, compared to Lesnar’s impressive top five level competition most of his fights to compile his 6-3 record, there’s little reason to expect Lesnar wouldn’t be a deserved heavy favorite. Lashley hasn’t won against inferior competition in impressive enough fashion to provide any evidence that he should be anything but a considerable underdog. That said, this battle of two heavyweight pro wrestlers who are only about a year apart in age (Lashley 40, Lesnar 39) would likely draw a considerable buyrate and crossover interest among pro wrestling and MMA fans. With Lesnar’s contracts with UFC and WWE, and Lashley’s contracts with Bellator and TNA, I don’t see this on the horizon. I think Lesnar has proven any fights he has left should be against proven top five ranked heavyweights whereas Lashley needs to get a few impressive wins against actual top 15 fighters before this should be even considered.


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