ROUNDTABLE (pt. 1 of 3): Who should George St. Pierre face if he fights at UFC 206 (or soon thereafter)? Diaz? Hendricks? Someone else?

George St. Pierre (photo by Jason Silva © USA Today Sports)

Who should George St. Pierre face if he fights at UFC 206 (or soon thereafter)?

ADAM TINDAL, MMATorch contributor

GSP should face the winner of Tyrone Woodley and Stephen Thompson. Forget fighting in Toronto or at 206, just do what’s right for the division and come back to reclaim the title you never lost. If he’s successful, then he can do whatever he wants. If not then we all will know that he probably should have stayed retired.

MICHAEL HISCOE, MMATorch contributor

With the Welterweight Title booked for November, that’s out. Michael Bisping has expressed interest in a quick turnaround for a fight with GSP in December so that’s an option now that he’s defeated Dan Henderson. Nick Diaz’s name has been floated out there for a while, but personally I’m not that excited to see that fight again. GSP beat him handily the first time, and I’m not sure where either fighter would go after that.

One option would be a rematch with Johny Hendricks. The story is there with that being GSP’s last fight and it was a very close and controversial decision. Hendricks hasn’t looked great in his last couple outings, so that takes some steam off of it, but it also makes it a winnable fight for GSP which is what the goal should be.

I also like the idea of Nate Diaz vs. GSP. Nate is going to be only looking for money fights at this point, it has the built in storyline of GSP fighting another Diaz brother, and it also plants seeds for a potential GSP vs. Conor McGregor fight down the line, with the common opponent in Nate Diaz. What they really need to do is just ensure that GSP gets on that show. GSP vs. any warm body will be enough for his first fight back.

JOEL WIELENGA, MMATorch contributor

I am a Canadian and I have no desire to see GSP back in the Octagon. He looked terrible the last time we saw him fight and now he is three years older. With that being said, if you are going to drag a washed up, past his prime, shell of his former self GSP back, then I wanna see him fight Nate Diaz. People are calling for a rematch with Nick, but we already saw how that played out. Give us something new and give Nate the fight. Hopefully Nate reminds him what it feels like to be in a real fight again and George runs back to his retirement home and we never see him again.

FRANK HYDEN, MMATorch contributor

GSP should fight anyone he wants. You give him a fight against whomever he wants. He’s GSP, he’s earned it. I would have him fight Johny Hendricks or Nick Diaz. With Hendricks, you could sell it as this is the guy who took GSP to the limit. Let’s see what happens in the rematch. And Diaz is a known commodity and a proven draw. I think either of those fights works well and serves as a good return fight for GSP. If he wins, you can give him a title shot. If he loses, he’s still a fairly good draw and you got a PPV main event out of him.


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