Mousasi says he’d like to face Weidman or Rockhold, adds he’d beat Bisping easily (w/Cervantes Analysis)

By Jonathan Cervantes, MMATorch contributor

gegard vs. Machida
Gegard Mousasi (photo credit Per Haljestam © USA Today Sports)
Gegard Mousasi defeated Vitor Belfort via TKO in the second round last night at UFC 204. He hopes this victory the means of victory over a legendary contender and former champion will finally get him noticed.
“I think I’ve been underrated my whole career,” he said at the post-fight press conference. “I don’t know, maybe I’ll start throwing bottles so that people will notice me,” a reference to the Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor pre-fight incident.

Asked about how his new mindset will impact his fights and what he hopes to accomplish, Mousasi said he will be wiser about the fights he decides to take. “I think in my last six performances I’ve dominated everybody and I’m not gonna take fights that don’t make sense anymore,” he said. When pressed about why he he had become more vocal about his situation, he admitted it was due to feeling disappointed with his current standing in the UFC. “Not being satisfied with where I am. Frustration, that’s probably it.”
He is positioned to face any top Light Heavyweight at this point. “Chris Weidman or Luke Rockhold is a great match for me,” he said. “I like Michael Bisping, but you guys know I would beat him easy. I would jab his face all night.”

With the victory, Mousasi improves to 40-6-2 and is likely a top contender for a title shot.

Cervantes Analysis: Mousasi made a huge statement putting Belfort away last night. He was unusually outspoken about his disdain for his standing in the rankings and feeling like he has been passed up for opportunities because of how the sport tends to favor popularity over credibility. He made reference to Conor McGregor’s incident with Nate Diaz and how he may have to do more to market himself in order to get what he wants from the UFC. I think with one more fight against someone like Jacare Souza or Luke Rockhold, Mousasi will have more than earned a shot.

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