UFC ON FOX live results: Peterson’s fight-by-fight report with analysis including Condit vs. Maia, Pettis vs. Oliveira

By Matthew Peterson, MMATorch contributor

AUGUST 27, 2016

Join me live during Saturday night’s event for ongoing results and analysis. Read my fight card preview with predictions in the mean time HERE.

I wasn’t able to catch the first fight, but we are back and we are live tonight!  Stay with us all night for full coverage of this amazing card.  We have an amazing main event in Carlos Condit vs. Demian Maia and the main card is full of awesome brawls and fighters including the rematch between Joe Lauzon and Jim Miller, Anthony Pettis making his featherweight debut, and the return of Paige VanZant.

Fight Pass Prelims

1.  Jamie Kennedy vs. Alessandro Ricci (155 lbs)

Result: Kennedy via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

2.  Chad Laprise vs. Thibault Gouti (159 lb catchweight, Laprise missed weight)

Result:  Chad Laprisedef. Thibault Gouti via TKO at 1:36 in Round 1.

Peterson’s Analysis:  Just a great knockout from Laprise.  Great handwork while moving backwards that was reminiscent of Chuck Liddell.   He immediately apologized following the fight for missing weight, which is great to hear.

Fox Prelims

On a great side note, it’s always great to hear Brian Stann doing commentary.  He conducts himself well, has a good knowledge of the game and is always a treat for the ears.

3.  Shane Campbell vs. Felipe Silva (155 lbs)

ROUND ONE:  Both fighters feeling each other out on the feet righ away.  Silva grabs a plum clinch and throws some elbows and knees before separating.  Silva is throwing heavy leather and connects hard, hurting Campbell.  A few more big hands and Campbell falls.  Silva throws some follow-up shots on the ground and Campbell is covering up.  Big John McCarthy has seen enough and waves it off.  Really good striking from Silva there.

Result:  Felipe Silva def. Shane Campbell via TKO at 1:13 in Round 1.

Peterson’s Analysis:  Pretty quick fight but impressive victory by Silva in his first UFC fight.  Campbell never had a chance to really turn his striking on and Silva was throwing heavy right from the start.  Seeing the replay, it was a great body shot that really hurt Campbell.  Silva stays undefeated and Campbell falls to just 1-4 in his UFC run.

There is some time to kill on the broadcast following the quick knockout so we get the Road to the Octagon segment featuring Condit.  A really good piece that shows the mindset of Condit as a fighter especially following his razor-thin loss to Robbie Lawler at UFC 195.  Brian Stann talks about how Condit was the fighter who hurt him the worst when the two trained together in New Mexico and now all I want is to see that fight.

4. Garreth McLellan vs. Alessio Di Chirico

ROUND ONE:  McLellan opens with a leg kick and Di Chirico throws two big punches right away.  Di Chirico grabs a clinch and pushes McLellan against the fence.  McLellan pushes for a takedown but cannot push Di Chirico off of him.  They seperate and move back to the center.  McLellan looking for kicks and Di Chirico moving for a big right hand.  McLellan lands a great uppercut.  More kicks from McLellan.  Both fighters feeling each other out.  McLellan starting to land more, varying his punches and kicks.  Nice counterpunch by Di Chirico but McLella is still landing more.  Di Chirico is catching kicks from McLellan but is having trouble with the range.  Great spinning back elbow from Di Chirico but is pushed against the fence by McLellan.  They seperate and the round ends.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9 McLellan.  He was more accurate in striking and ended the round pushing Di Chirico against the cage.  Still a close round

ROUND TWO:  Light striking and a takedown from McLellan.  Di Chirico keeps McLellan in butterfly guard and escapes.  Di Chirico quickly moves to top position on McLellan after landing a hard elbow and tries hard to finish McLellan with punches.  McLellan survives and gets back up.  Di Chirico pushes McLellan back to the fence and both fighters exchange strikes.  Punches from both sides and Di Chirico clinches against the cage.  They seperate and more strikes between fighters.  McLellan tries for a single leg and is stuffed.  Takedown from Di Chirico and McLellan is tired.  Di Chirico gets side control.  McLellan works back to his feet and they move back to the center.  McLellan is tired and his strikes are getting slower.  Di Chirico is moving forward and pushing the attack with McLellan keeping his back to the fence.  Di Chirico clinches and holds McLellan against the fence.  McLellan pushes out and gets the clinch against the fence.  Big fence grab from Di Chirico to stop a McLellan takedown that the ref does not see.  Both fighters are throwing strikes now and are both exhausted.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9 Di Chirico.  Di Chirico had the big takedown and hit on McLellan in the beginning of the round and was the more active and accurate fighter throughout the round.

ROUND THREE:  Both fighters take the center of the cage and exchange strikes.  McLellan is slower and Di Chirico is more accurate.  McLellan pushes for a takedown and Di Chirico almost reverses and takes him down.  Now Di Chirico gets the takedown but ends up in a McLellan headlock on top.  Di Chirico gets mount and McLellan rolls, giving Di Chirico back control.  Di Chirico gets too high on the back and falls forward, giving McLellan top control.  McLellan moves into side control and smothers Di Chirico against the cage.  McLellan on top and Di Chirico escapes, both fighters standing now.  McLellan is moving slow and eats a big punch from Di Chirico.  Both fighters are exhausted and Di Chirico is trying hard for a takedown.  Di Chirico lands a big knee to McLellan and McLellan looks for a single leg takedown.  He doesn’t have the energy and gives up.  Clinch against the cage from McLellan.  They seperate and move back to center.  McLellan now looking for a takedown and manages to get a single leg.  Di Chirico is trying to sit up but cannot escape.  Di Chirico throwing strikes from the bottom and McLellan holding him down.  Di Chirico tries to escape but stays on the bottom when the round ends.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9 McLellan.  Very slow round for both fighters but McLellan ended the round with the big takedown and top control.  Both fighters were gassed very badly in the final round and I could see a split victory for either fighter.

Result:  Alessio Di Chircio def. Garreth McLellan via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Peterson’s Analysis:  Not a great fight from either fighter and it’s hard to disagree with that decision.  No major moments in that fight to really argue one way or the other.  Entertaining, but forgettable.

Big promo for UFC 203: Miocic vs. Overeem.  Very excited for the fight to see if Miocic is the real deal and can make his stand against the striking master that is Alistair Overeem.

5.  Enrique Barzola vs. Kyle Bochniak (145 lbs)

ROUND ONE:  Bochniak moves quickly to the center of the cage.  Feeling out process for both fighters.  Barzola catches a kick from Bochniak.   Lots of movement from Bochniak but not much for striking yet.  Leg kick from Bochniak.  Punches and leg kicks from Bochniak.  Big kicks coming from Barzola.  So far Barzola has thrown less strikes but is more accurate.  Great kicks so far from Barzola.  Bochniak having trouble finding the range for his punches.  Good combo from Barzola with punches and knees and Barzola gets the takedown on Barzola.  Bochniak moves into half guard and when he tries to pass, Barzola sneaks out and stands.  Good kick from Bochniak and Bochniak goes with more leg kicks.  Bochniak goes for headlock takedown but cannot get it.  Both fighters throwing strikes as the round ends.

Peterson’s Scorecard:   10-9 Barzola.  Very close round but Barzola’s striking was more accurate and neither fighter made much headway in the ground game.

ROUND TWO:  Barzola takes the center of the cage.  Barzola lands a good uppercut and nearly takes Bochniak down.  Bochniak isn’t throwing as much in this round as he did in the first.  Bochniak starts throwing more hands and Barzola still throwing kicks.  Bochniak feinting quite a bit without throwing anything afterwards.  Both fighters moving without much being thrown in between.  Big punches from Bochniak while moving forward and that’s what he needs to do.  Barzola throws big flying knee that misses.  Takedown from Barzola but Bochniak is right back up.  Barzola takedown again and into back control on Bochniak.  Bochniak bounces right back up as the round ends.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9 Barzola but just barely.  Very close round with neither fighter landing anything substantial.  Both fighters should be turning up the gas going into the last round because this could be anyone’s game.

ROUND THREE:  Bochniak’s corner is saying his leg is messed up.  They want the takedown.  Barzola starts by throwing more kicks.  Bochniak landing single punches.  Barzola moving and circling.  Barzola is throwing more combos.  A big punching combo from Bochniak.  Barzola clinches against the fence briefly.  Leg kick from Barzola.  Bochniak’s corner warns that Barzola may try for a last-ditch takedown.  More big punches from Bochniak.  Brief takedown from Barzola but Bochniak is back up.  B0chniak has slowed slightly and Barzola is landing kicks.  Another brief takedown from Barzola with Bochniak right back up.  More circling and feints from both fighters.  Bochniak’s mouthguard falls out and brief stoppage to put it back.  Bochniak moves forward on Barzola but still isn’t throwing enough.  Strikes against the cage in the last ten seconds.  Round ends with both fighters throwing punches.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9 Barzola.  Not an action-packed fight and very close.   My call is UD for Barzola but it will be a close one.

Result:  Kyle Bochniak def. Enrique Barzola by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Peterson’s Analysis:  Both fighters had great movement but neither one really opened this hands up.  Bochniak was the more active fighter but Barzola was just more accurate and efficient overall.  It’s hard to judge a fight like that and it’s good to know both fighters are young and still have tons of room for improvement.

6.  Sam Alvey vs. Kevin Casey (185 lbs)

ROUND ONE:  Casey opens with a leg kick.  Alvey taking his time walking Casey down.  Casey swings big and misses.  Leg kick from Alvey.  Leg kick from Casey.  Big right from Casey.  Alvey hasn’t thrown much for punches at all.  More leg kicks from Casey.  Casey is landing some good punches on Alvey.  Casey feints and Alvey stays out of range.  Not much really from either fighter yet.  Casey clinches and pushes for a takedown.  Casey clinches Alvey against the fence.  Knees to the thigh from Casey.  Casey pushing hard for a takedown against the fence.  Great defense from Alvey.  Casey pushing hard for it.  Alvey looking for the plum clinch.  Knees from Alvey.  More knees from Alvey as Casey holds him against the cage.  Brief takedown from Casey but Alvey is back up.  More clinching from Casey.  Not much happening from either.  Alvey gets out of the clinch and ends the round finally throwing heavy leather against Casey.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9 Casey.  Not much offense from either guy but Casey got the clinch and tried for more offense overall.

ROUND TWO:  Jab from Casey.  Leg kick from Alvey.  Big punches from Casey.  Leg kick from Alvey.  Alvey is waiting for a knockout shot but it may never come at this rate.  More leg kicks from Alvey.  This is almost painful so far.  Casey is throwing more and missing but he is throwing.  Alvey finally lets his hands go and Casey is hurt and down.  Alvey swarms but lets Casey up.  Casey is tired and probably still hurt.  Alvey takes his time again and both fighters circle.  Good jab from Alvey.  Casey is tired and Alvey starts to throw more.  Good punches from Alvey right to the chin.  Casey is hurt again and clinches against the fence.  Alvey throws a knee and separates.  Alvey is starting to get his range.  Alvey is landing and Casey is hurt again.  Casey hits the ground and Alvey pounces on top.  Casey is surviving but Alvey is throwing hard punches and elbows.  Casey is trying to make it to the clock but the ref has seen enough and waves it off.

Result:  Sam Alvey def. Kevin Casey via TKO at 4:56 in the 2nd round.

Peterson’s Analysis: Kevin Casey is a UFC bust and it is now official.  He is a high level BJJ black belt who hasn’t managed to utilize it in the cage and is guaranteed to gas out if the fight leave the first round.  Sam Alvey nearly cost himself a win by not letting his hands go enough.  All in all, another win for Alvey and Casey can probably count on his walking papers soon enough.  Good finishing sequence there, but a very tedious fight.

Daniel Cormier, Jon Anik and Dominick Cruz preview the main card, especially the Rawlings-VanZant fight being that Rawlings is a teammate of Rawlings.  Just a little time to kill before the start of this highly anticipated main card.

FOX Main Card

7.  Joe Lauzon vs. Jim Miller (155 lbs)

ROUND ONE:  Touch of gloves to begin the fight.  Lauzon takes the center of the cage and both men throw hands.  Lauzon moves for a takedown and quickly rolls for a heelhook.  Miller escapes and both men stand and clinch against the fence.  They break and move back to the center.  Lauzon is the aggressor again and is throwing.  Lauzon clinches against the cage and throws knees.  Miller escapes.  Miller is throwing now.  Big knee from Lauzon.  Miller is light on his feet but Lauzon is moving forward.  Lauzon throws and pushes against the fence.  Big knee from Miller and they separate.  Spinning elbow from Miller that misses and Lauzon takes him down.  Lauzon in half guard and Miller holds him down.  Elbows from Lauzon and Lauzon tries to move to side control.  Knees from Lauzon to Miller’s side.  Lauzon postures up and throws punches down at Miller.  Miller is stuck against the cage.  Miller stands up and Lauzon goes for a guillotine.  Escape from Miller and they separate.  Good combo from Miller.  Elbow from Miller.  Good leg kick from Lauzon.  Double leg attempt from Miller but Lauzon defends.  Good punch combos from Miller to end the round.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9 Lauzon.  Good early striking from Lauzon and a great takedown.  Miller made a strong comeback near the round’s end but I’ll stick with Lauzon.

ROUND TWO:  Good show of respect from both fighters.  Miller starts strong with punches.  Miller looks to push the pace in this round.  Good combo from Lauzon.  Big knee from Miller.  Another big punch combo from Miller.  Lauzon pressures Miller backwards but Miller escapes behind punches.  Very accurate striking from Lauzon pushes Miller back again and both fighters exchange by the fence.  Great back and forth from both men and neither one takes a step back.  Miller is the aggressor in this round but Lauzon fires back everytime.  Miller is circling and is looking for body shots.  Good elbow from Miller.  Kick from Lauzon and Miller is taken down by Lauzon.  Half guard from Miller and Lauzon tries to move to side control.  Lauzon going for a kimura but Miller pulls back.  Miller uses rubber guard to keep Lauzon from posturing.  Lauzon escapes and moves back to full guard.  Both men throwing punches and elbows on the ground.  Lauzon controlling from top position.  Both men are very tired and Lauzon postures to throw.  Round ends with Lauzon postured up and throwing punches.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9 Lauzon.  Strong round start from Miller but momentum changed in second half and Lauzon ending round in top position will give him the edge.

ROUND THREE:  Both men are exhausted.  Final glove touch from both men and the crowd is cheering for both.  Both men exchanging in the center and Miller throws a great combo.  Lauzon covers up as if he’s hurt and Miller pours on with punches.  Lauzon recovers and both men exchange in the center.  Miller throwing more and Lauzon looking more tired.  Big punches from Miller are landing.  Miller is throwing more but his punches are lacking the same power.  Lauzon starts to fire back and goes for a double leg.  He manages to drag Miller down and lands in half guard again.  Miller is trapped against the cage and Lauzon is throwing punches from the top.  Lauzon is smothering Miler and Miller is trying to keep Lauzon from posturing up.  Brief mount from Lauzon and then lands back in half guard.  Lauzon moves towards side control and drops more punches.  Miller rolls and Lauzon tries to gain back control.  Miller escapes and gains Lauzon’s back.  Lauzon escapes and both men return to the center.  Lauzon is throwing and clinches Miller against the cage.  Lauzon trips Miller down and Lauzon gains his back against the cage.  Miller stands and tries to roll but Lauzon manages to stay in top control.  Lauzon moves to side control and hops into full mount.  Lauzon gains a tight armbar just as time expires.  Another great fight for both men.

Peterson’s Scorecard:   10-9 Lauzon.  Great round from both men but Lauzon had the critical takedowns and should seal this fight in his favor.

Result:  Jim Miller def. Joe Lauzon via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

Peterson’s Analysis:  Good fight, not nearly as good as the first, but a really fun fight from both men.  I don’t agree with that decision but that’s the way of the fight game.  Both men are two of the most game fighters in the UFC today and both men should be able to count this fight as a win.

8. Paige VanZant vs. Bec Rawlings (115 lbs)

ROUND ONE:  Rawlings takes the center of the cage.  VanZant throwing kicks and Rawlings looking to push forwards with punches.  Big punch combo from Rawlings.  Kicks from VanZant.  Clinch against the cage from Rawlings and VanZant circles and pushes Rawlings against the fence.  Rawlings escapes and they circle.  More punches from Rawlings and VanZant looks to clinch.  They separate and circle.  Rawlings taunting slightly with hands down and asking for VanZant to come after her.  VanZant keeping her range and working kicks.  Rawlings pushes in with punches and they separate.  Rawlings is pushing VanZant backwards.  VanZant pushes forward with a good punch combo.  VanZant throws a flying kick and Rawling responds with another punch combo.  Brief clinch and separation. Good combo from VanZant and catches Rawlings.  Rawling jumps forward with a combo and they exchange.  Both circle as the round ends.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9 Rawlings.  Not much offense from VanZant and Rawlings was the aggressor for most of the round.

ROUND TWO:  VanZant’s corner wants more leg kicks.  Flying switch kick from VaZant and Rawlings is down!  VanZant swarms.  Rawlings covers up and VanZant continues to pour punches down.  No defense from Rawlings and this fight is over.  Just wow.

Result:  Paige VanZant def. Bec Rawlings via KO at 0:17 in the 2nd round.

Peterson’s Analysis:  VanZant played it safe in the first round and avoided when Rawlings was her most dangerous.  She waited it out and threw that amazing switch kick right away and caught Rawlings looking.  Rawlings looked very improved in the first round and her punches were clean and accurate but she got caught.  Big loss for Rawlings that sets her back and a victory that puts VanZant right back in the mix.

Brian Stann talks with CM Punk and asks about his first MMA fight in just two weeks at UFC 203.  Punk says the huge stage and crowd won’t affect his mindset so much as just being in his first fight.  Stann talks about opponent Mickey Gall claiming that he will make his name by beating CM Punk and Punk states that Gall is already in his own head.  Punk says he will bring the pressure to Gall and impose his own game in the fight.  I have to say that I am excited to see how that Punk vs. Gall fight turns out.

9.  Anthony Pettis vs. Charles Oliveira (145 lbs)

ROUND ONE:  Oliveira attacks early and pushes Pettis against the fence.  Oliveira shoots low and looks for a double leg.   Pettis defends well and stays upright.  Oliveira can’t get it but stays clinched against the fence.  Pettis has great balance and refuses to go down.  Pettis breaks free and they move to the center.  Pettis throws some punches and Oliveira looks for another takedown.  Pettis defends again and Oliveira manages to take back control and drags Pettis down.  Oliveira stays on the back and looks for the choke.  Pettis manages to roll and ends up in top control.  He escapes back and they stand.  Big kick from Pettis to the body.  Oliveira drives for another takedown and Pettis stays out of the way.  Punches and a big kick to the body from Pettis that hurts Oliveira.  He throws punches on top and Oliveira is surviving and rolls for a leg attack.  Pettis drops down into top control and moves into side control.  Pettis stays in control and throws punches from the top.  Pettis looks for a crucifix and Oliveira escapes.  They grapple and Oliveira moves to top control and quickly to back control.  Pettis rolls free and lands some good punches on Oliveira.  Pettis postures up and throws punches from the top.  Oliveira is defending but Pettis continues the attack from the top.  Punches from full guard for Pettis.  Round ends with Pettis on top.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9 Pettis.  Great first round from both men but Pettis had the real power shots and control from the top position.

ROUND TWO:  Oliveira takes the center and they throw hands right away.  Big punch to the body from Pettis and they go to the ground.  Oliveira in back control and Pettis rolls to top control.  Pettis stands and lets Oliveira up.  Big head kick from Pettis.  Very good boxing from Pettis.  Some good shots from Oliveira in answer.  Body kick from Oliveira.  Clinch against the fence by Oliveira.  Pettis escapes and they trade punches by the cage.  Another clinch from Oliveira and Pettis shakes it off.  Big punch from Pettis and Oliveira drives for another takedown.  Oliveira moves to back control again and drags Pettis down.  Body triangle lock from Oliveira and Pettis is looking to roll again.  Oliveira throwing punches from the back.  The body triangle is very tight and Oliveira looking hard for the choke.  Oliveira being very patient from the back and Pettis manages to roll again into top control.  Pettis escapes and postures up.  Oliveira stands and moves to back control again.  Pettis escapes and throws some hard kicks.  Both men have very crisp boxing and they throw next to the cage again.  Big shot from Pettis and Oliveira gets a takedown.  Oliveira ends the round holding down on Pettis.

Peterson’s Scorecard:  10-9 Pettis.  Very good round for both fighters and I could see an argument for 10-9 Oliveira.  Pettis had the better strikes again and did the most damage when controlling on the ground.

ROUND THREE:  Pettis comes right back with some good punches.  Oliveira shoots for another takedown and gets it.  Oliveira in full guard and postures up.  He moves to side control and Pettis rolls for an armbar.  Oliveira defends well and rolls back into side control.  Pettis looking to escape against the fence and Oliveira nearly gets back control again.  Pettis manages to roll out and sneak into top control in north-south position.  They both stand and Oliveira drives into a takedown.  Pettis grabs a tight guillotine as he does and drops back into guard.  The choke is very tight and Oliveira taps!  Big big win for Pettis and a great statement for the rest of the division.

Result:  Anthony Pettis def. Charles Oliveira via guillotine choke at 3:11 in the 3rd round.

Peterson’s Analysis:  That’s a great win for Pettis at a new division against a very tough opponent.  Oliveira gave Pettis everything could handle and will continue to be a tough fight for anyone at 145 lbs.  Pettis has holes in his game that a great opponent could take advantage of but this is his night and he performed like a real champion.  Great fight from both men.

10.   Carlos Condit vs. Demian Maia (170 lbs)

Another preview of CM Punk’s UFC debut and the main event breakdown from the Fox Sports desk.  Dominick Cruz is a great analyst and really knows how to explain a fighter’s style and their skills to the average viewer.

ROUND ONE:  Both fighters each push for the center right away.  Both men testing their range initially and a few kicks thrown by Condit.  Maia dives for a single leg and drags Condit to the ground.  Maia moves to half guard side control.  Condit throwing elbows from the ground and moves Maia into half guard.  Maia pushes the knee down and spins into back control.  Condit tries to roll out but Maia is glued on.  Maia going for the choke immediately and locks it in.  Condit cannot fight out and taps!   That’s it folks, Demian Maia is a monster.  Condit is visibly distraught and stays on the ground following the tap.

Result: Demian Maia def. Carlos Condit via rear-naked choke at 1:52 in the 1st round.

Peterson’s Analysis:  Demian Maia has earned the right to face Tyron Woodley for the belt.  So what if he’s not the best striker in the division?  He doesn’t need to because he knows he can submit anyone and there’s no guarantee Woodley could survive the force of nature on the ground that Maia has proven himself to be.  Condit looked like a man defeated on all levels following the tap and he has made it known he is on the verge of retirement.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he called it a career following such a quick loss.

That’s all for tonight and we had a great night of fights.  Big wins for Maia, Pettis and VanZant, as well as another great brawl between Miller and Lauzon.  We’ll be right back at it next weekend for Arlovski vs. Barnett in Germany so join us again right here for that.

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