UFC 202 CONTESTS: Prediction and Betting Game Results

By Tommy Strong, MMA Torch UK Contributor

Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz at UFC 202 (photo Joshua Dahl © USA Today)

What’s not to love about UFC 202. Nine fight finishes, a fight of the year candidate between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor, and an uppercut from Anthony Johnson that would knock out any fighter on this planet. I can hear you all scream, “Don’t forget about Artem Lobov vs. Chris Avila.” That’s exactly what we need to do. Let’s all forget that fight ever happened!

No matter how you scored Diaz vs. McGregor, let’s just all agree on one thing: It was a truly epic fight that should be appreciated and applauded on all levels, whatever side you may sit on. These are the nights that keep us coming back for more and why MMA continues it rapid rise.

Let’s see how you all got on, and who takes the titles!


Thirty people submitted an entry for this card. Here’s a combined breakdown of how many confidence points you placed on each fighter (Winner in bold):

Conor McGregor -41

Nate Diaz -62

Anthony Johnson -171

Glover Teixeria -33

Donald Cerrone -113

Rick Story -52

Mike Perry -6

Hyun Gyu Lim -200

Tim Means -265

Sebah Homasi -2

Cody Garbrandt -288

Takeya Mizugaki -0

Raquel Pennington -199

Elizabeth Phillips -4

Artem Lobov -40

Chris Avila -36

Cortney Casey -46

Randa Markos -77

Lorenz Larkin -26

Neil Magny -93

Colby Covington -209

Max Griffin -0

Marvin Vettori -58

Alberto Uda -12


Jaymon1002 (56 points) def. Dan Moore (50 points) and Brian Foe (47 points) to remain the MMATorch Confidence Picks Champion.

Jaymon1002 has done it once again, that’s three events running for the Philly man, despite having to fend off two challengers. Dan Moore will be kicking himself at not becoming the new champion, having correctly predicted the most amount of fights, Dan still found himself coming up short. This was mainly due to a heat of the moment decision to back Chris Avila for seven points. Brian Foe handily led the pack going into the main card with points to spare, though any chance of him winning soon went up in smoke predicting only one of the last five fights.

Richard Race and Josh Brown fought another closely contested battle by both returning a very impressive 72 points. The use of the joker card for Richard bumped up his score from 68-72 points and put him in for the chance to top the pool. Josh had a fantastic night going 11-1 whilst only dropped six points, though the crucial mistake Josh made was not putting fight victory methods down. This mistake ultimately cost Josh the victory, giving Richard the chance to take it on the line!

Well done guys, shame there’s a loser in this one.

Here are the results of the Confidence Picks pool:

72- Richard Race

72- Josh Brown

67- James Brown

66- Michael Douglas

66- Tommy Strong

65- Mac Kinder

64- Sam Martin

63- Malcolm Piper

63- Anthony Sinnott

61- Mark Sacchetti

59- Norman Price

57- Blake

57- David Little

57- Casey Vaccaro

56- Jaymon10002

56- Neal Hollic

56- Charles Mickael

53- Sean Simpson

50- Scott Pipher

50- Dan Moore

49- Joel Wielenga

47- Kevin Seng

47- Brian Foe

43- David Lindahn

41- John Lewish

37- Eugene Kim

Note: Should either champion, or challenger fail to submit picks for UFC 203 (Moicic vs. Overeem) Josh Brown would step up as a challengers and so on. Everyone else will be fighting for the No 1 contender slot on the night, and the right to face off against either Jaymon1002 or Richard at UFC 204.


Tommy Strong  ($2020.08) def. Brian Foe ($0) to retain the MMATorch Betting Champion.

Tommy Strong: $2020.08

$500 on Johnson for $763.16

$200 on Vettori for $317.65

$100 on Cerrone for $160.61

$200 Parlay on Cerrone, Vettori and Johnson for $778.66

Brian Foe: $0

I know you all can’t believe it, but I did somehow manage to retain the betting title and by quite a margin. Brian didn’t play anything safe and went for an early knockout putting all his money onto three underdogs. Luckily for me none of them came in, which made for an easy victory.

Next up to face me will be Josh Brown. Having narrowly missed out in the confidence pool, Josh redeemed himself by topping the betting pool by returning $3215.99. Having went with a bold betting strategy, Josh placed the majority of his money onto two of the biggest underdogs as well as his parlay. With the two underdog fighters winning, there wasn’t a player in the pool getting near him!

Having topped the confidence pool Richard Race will have to settle for second place returning $2657.44. Josh gets his revenge and both men will get a title shot at UFC 203. Fortune definitely favoured the bold, great work Josh!

Here (in no particular order) are the results from the Betting Picks pool:

Josh Brown: $3289.99

$300 on Casey for $660

$300 on Perry for $990

$300 on Johnson for $457.89

$100 Parlay on Johnson, Perry and Casey for $1108.10

Richard Race: $2657.44

$500 on McGregor for $884.63

$100 on Cerron for $160.61

$100 on Lobov for $186.96

$100 on Larkin for $220

$200 Parlay on Larkin, McGregor and Cerrone for $1205.25

Mark Sacchetti: $1574.81

$450 on McGregor for $796.15

$200 Parlay on Johnson, Cerrone and Vettori for $778.66

James Brown: $1320

$300 on Larkin for $660

$300 on Casey for $660

Malcolm Piper: $1243.03

$500 on Cerrone for $803.03

$200 on Casey for $440

Michael Douglas: $1220.87

$300 on Casey for $660

$300 on Lobov for $560.87

Mac Kinder: $1109.31

$500 on Johnson for $763.16

$250 on Pennington for $346.15

Anthony Sinnott: $965.26

$300 on Larkin for $660

$200 on Johnson for $305.36

Norman Price: $846.15

$400 on McGregor for $846.15

Eugene Kim: $884.62

$500 on McGregor for $884.62

Dan Moore: $879.41

$350 on Larkin for $770

$50 on Vettori for $79.41

Charles Mickael for $626.47

$200 on Johnson for $305.26

$200 on Cerrone for $321.21

Sean Simpson: $550

$250 on Casey for $550

Sam Martin: $440

$200 on Larkin for $440

Cassey Vaccaro: $330

$100 on Perry for $330

David Little: $122.73

$100 on Means for $122.73

aymon1002 $0

Blake: $0

Scott Pipher: $0

Neal Hollic: $0

Joel Wielenga: $0

John Lewish: $0

David Lindahn: $0

Kevin Seng: $0

Note: Should either champion, or challenger fail to submit picks for UFC 203 (Moicic vs. Overeem) Richard Race would step up as a challenger, and so on. Everyone else will be fighting for the No 1 contender slot on the night, and the right to face off against either Tommy or Josh at UFC 204.

Performance Of The Night: This award goes to two players this week. Both had back and forth battles coming out with one win a piece, step forward Richard Race and Josh Brown!

GOAT: Sorry Eugene Kim, you take this award for your under par performance.

Thanks again to everyone who took part, feel free to follow me on Twitter, @Strong_te

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