News Quotes: Dana White talks to TMZ about the UFC 202 press conference chaos, possible ramifications, was it planned

By Robert Vallejos, MMATorch contributor

Dana White (photo credit Gary Vazquez © USA Today Sports)

Dana White talked to TMZ Sports about the big press conference chaos that broke out with Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor. The following are highlights of the interview:

On what happened at the UFC 202 press conference “Well Nate Diaz got up to leave the press conference and before he left, he whipped a water bottle at Conor McGregor so Conor McGregor went crazy and started throwing water bottles and Monster cans and, yeah, it got bad”

On possible ramifications: “They’re both getting punished, I mean…What everybody’s gotta understand is… we’re overseen by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. I guarantee both of these guys are gonna get massive fines. And there’s probably gonna be a hearing, too, after the fight. Could be suspensions, community service – it’s gonna be ugly. The word is is that in this thing somebody was injured so, there’s gonna be a lawsuit and who knows how it’s gonna play out… Somebody’s filling a lawsuit it’s already all the wheels in motion on it.”

On legitimacy: “It was 100% real. I mean, if your gonna come up with something staged, throwing cans and bottles in a public place is probably one of the dumbest things you could come up with… It’s gonna cost ’em both a lot of money, a lot of headache and hassle and, you know, they’re both in big trouble.


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