Dana White touts McGregor’s work ethic, talks about what happens if he wins or loses, says he loves to “make fighters money”

Dana White (photo by Mike Lano © PWTorch)

Dana White went on a media blitz yestereday, covering an array of topics. The following are key points in his interview on The Jim Rome Show and Colin Cowherd program hosted by Nick Wright…

On Diaz vs. McGregor 2:

“This fight is impossible not the be good… Conor McGregor is the type of guy, you know, not only his fighting style, his personality has made him a big star, but that kid has unbelievable work ethic, you know. After losing that last fight he went back to the drawing board and he has basically secluded himself you know… Normally we got this kid on huge media runs he’s on everything, he’s going everywhere, he’s basically secluded himself and is doing nothing but prepare for this fight.” (On Jim Rome Show)

“I think the fight is going to look a lot like the first fight. I mean, the reality is this is one of those fights it’s not for the belt not for… it’s two dogs that love to fight… The first fight was awesome and I expect the second fight to be the same.” (On Cowherd Show)

On the status of Conor McGregor post UFC 202”

“Win, lose, or draw for Conor he’s the 145 pound champion. So he’s going to go back and defend his title win, lose, or draw.” (On Cowherd Show)

“He beats Nate Diaz, he goes back to 145, he loses to Diaz, he goes back to 145, so, yeah that’s what we’re looking at.” (On Jim Rome Show)

On his relationship with commissioners of other sports

“I don’t [have a relationship with other sports commissioners]. You know the other major sports are completely different than what we do. They’re team sports, this is an individual sport, a combat sport, and I would say I’m completely different than any other commissioner in all these other sports.” (On Cowherd Show)

On his long-term UFC goals

“To make this the biggest sport in the world… Just the announcements that we’re going to make in the next three months are so awesome and going to blow everybody’s minds man and this is what I love, I love building, I love winning, I love the grind, and getting in everyday and making this thing bigger and better and making the athletes money… n the next three months, were popping out announcements left and right.” (On Cowherd Show)

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