Michael Bisping on UFC 199: “I’m supposed to lose, so f*** it, I’m gonna go out there and do my best”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

“I believe I deserve this. I’ve worked my a** off. Nobody’s worked harder than me. I deserve this and I will take [the belt] home with me. I will take this final chapter in my journey, become the world champion and then walk off into the sunset a happy man… I’m gonna go in there fresh, I’m gonna go in there strong, very very confident, with no pressure. Do you understand how mentally freeing it is to know I’m supposed to lose? I’m supposed to lose, so f*** it, I’m gonna go out there and do my best.”

-Michael Bisping talks to the UK Sun about his UFC 199 title fight with Luke Rockhold.

Penick’s Analysis: There’s absolutely something to the idea of a fighter with nothing to lose being a dangerous opponent. Still, Rockhold’s not likely to take it lightly despite the past loss, and he’s still the better fighter of the two. Bisping’s going to give it his best effort, and he’s going to try his best to be as competitive as possible. Just what that amounts to on June 4 remains to be seen, but he’s going to leave it all in the cage on short notice regardless of what happens.

[Mihcael Bisping art by Grant Gould (c) MMATorch.com]

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