Rashad Evans not retiring after UFC on Fox 19 loss, considering possible drop to 185 lbs

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Rashad Evans (photo credit Grant Gould © MMATorch)

“I felt like I was physically strong and my timing was good and I really have no excuse. I can’t think of one thing to say ‘this is an area to look at that I need to get better [in]’. It’s disappointing and it’s really frustrating for me because this is the second time in my career I’m riding a two-fight losing streak… I’m definitely gonna come back. The biggest test for me was this. You know, after I lost I was very upset and I threw a little pity party. Went and hung out with my family… After that I was like ‘you know what, I’m gonna make some changes.’ Possibly drop down to 185 [lbs]. I feel like I can compete at 205 [lbs] of course, but at the end of the day I want to be able to physically be able to dominate if I need to and I feel like at some point I may have lost that a bit at 205. I just want to do something to kinda switch things up to be a little bit fresh. I’ll still take fights at 205 and whatnot but I might explore the idea of 185 a little bit more.”

-Rashad Evans talks to Inside MMA on AXS TV about his future after the first round KO loss to Glover Teixeira at UFC on Fox 19 (transcribed by MMAFighting.com).

Penick’s Analysis: A loss to one of the best fighters in a particular weight class doesn’t mean that losing fighter is shot, or that they are incapable of competing at a high level. At the same time, Evans hasn’t looked good in two straight since his return from a lengthy injury layoff, and he’s not a young man anymore. If he feels the motivation to get back in there to compete, he’s got the ability to turn things around, and he’s bounced back from vicious losses in the past, but it’s an uphill climb for the former Light Heavyweight Champion.

[Rashad Evans art by Grant Gould (c) MMATorch.com]

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1 Comment on Rashad Evans not retiring after UFC on Fox 19 loss, considering possible drop to 185 lbs

  1. Love him or hate him, this is why I respect Conor McGregor. He gets beaten soundly at a higher weight class than his norm and wants a rematch at the same weight he was at a disadvantage at the first time. Evans loses twice in his natural class and wants to drop down in weight to beat up on much smaller fighters. Not to mention that that doesn’t always work, just ask Rumble Johnson. He came into his own much better at a more natural weight class.

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