Irish UFC flyweight Patrick “Paddy” Holohan forced to retire over rare blood condition

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

27-year-old Irish UFC flyweight Patrick “Paddy” Holohan has announced his retirement after a rare genetic blood disorder came to light. Holohan hadn’t disclosed the condition until after his most recent fight, and with doctors recommending he retire and the UFC unwilling to book him because of it, he’s had no choice but to walk away.

Holohan explained all in an lengthy statement posted to Facebook, which you can read below:

I’ve known this announcement was coming for a week or more now and it has only felt worse the more I have thought about it.

I am forced to retire from MMA.

I was born with a factor missing in my blood called Factor XIII. I never disclosed it then or now, it came to the UFC’s attention from a third party and I can no longer pass the medical requirements to compete, only 1 in 5 million people are diagnosed so I knew that it was so rare, organisations wouldn’t understand or take the chance with me as I have found out now, I never explained in full to John or my team the actual risks cause I didn’t think there was excess risk .

It is a disorder that is only dangerous for me not my opponents.

I really did see MMA as the way to have a real shot at life for myself and my family and it turns out I was right.

I have mixed emotions about it:

• Proud because I always wore my heart on my sleeve, stood my ground, never cheated, never turned away from diversity or challenges and always strived to inspire and encourage people from all backgrounds.

• Sad because I will never make that walk again, under those lights, feeling all those uncomfortable yet life giving feelings as they count and you hear “walk walk walk” staring into a camera, knowing millions are watching but most importantly the Irish are watching.

I am also disappointed because people who have cheated within the sport due to PEDs etc putting their opponents in extra danger will fight again, whereas for me it’s a genetic 1 in 5 million disorder that stops me dead in my tracks.

I really feel I was only turning the corner in my fight career and I still have so much more to give!

Thanks to all of my team over the past 9 years at SBG. My coach John who backed me regardless when I had nothing but effort to offer him in payment, it’s been an incredible journey for this council kid!

To all the Irish people and people of my home town of Tallaght who have always caught my falls and helped me back to my feet, I am forever grateful to those people who have backed me through thick and thin.

This journey has made me the man I am today.

Paddy “The Hooligan” Holohan.

Holohan went 3-2 in five UFC fights, entering on the UFC’s Dublin return in July of 2014 and ending his run in the same arena in October of last year.

Penick’s Analysis: That’s really unfortunate news. He was an entertaining personality, he had fun fights, and he was a talented fighter at 125 lbs. It’s got to be a huge blow for any fighter to have their profession taken from them over something beyond their control, but in Holohan’s case he also was running a risky game by not revealing a condition he had known about. As he says, he didn’t even tell his coach the extent of it. Hopefully he’s able to find something for himself with this no longer an option, but he’s probably going to be in a funk for a while over this new reality. We wish him the best of luck.

[Photo (c) Steven Flynn via USA Today Sports]

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3 Comments on Irish UFC flyweight Patrick “Paddy” Holohan forced to retire over rare blood condition

  1. Pretty sure this is hemophilia. Not surprising they wouldn’t want to take a chance letting him compete with this. The fact he isn’t dead already though makes it seem like it wasn’t affecting him much.

  2. Michael Bane what Holohan has is nothing like Hemophilia please don’t make medical statements when you have NO medical knowledge.. Factor XIII deficiency is very rare first off and is primarily seen among people with Persian ancestory. Hemophilia is a much more serious issue as it affects the body for platelets fail to even aggregate properly. Factor XIII is actually a small issue in that it allows clots to develop that hard outer surface making it waterproof so it will stay in place and not get washed away or break off if the site gets wet. Obviously this is a much bigger issue inside the body with internal bleeding, and just to clarify I am a medical professional I’m a Nurse who DOES know what they are talking about unlike you sir.

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