Viscardi Andrade denies knowingly violating USADA policy, awaiting B sample from out of competition test

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Viscardi Andrade is denying any knowing wrong-doing in regards to his failed out of competition test from March 7, releasing a statement professing innocence as he awaits the testing of his B sample by USADA.

“On Tuesday morning, April 12, I was surprised by a notification from USADA informing me of a possible violation in the sample collected on March 7, before my last UFC fight, a win over Rich Walsh,” Andrade said (via “According to USADA, an institution I respect and know about the credibility, I violated the agency’s anti-doping policy. However, I deny, with all my character, ingesting any substance that violates their terms. Because of that, I requested the B sample to be tested and totally believe in my acquittal in this imbroglio. During my training camp for the fight, I did the same procedures I did in 10 years of my career. Same food, supplementation, everything approved in several anti-doping exams, many of them already as a UFC fighter, and followed by professional doctors and nutritionists.

“More than the UFC welterweight belt, today, I wish this entire situation to be cleared so I can come back as soon as possible to do what I love, which is fighting, and continue my professional career. I’m sorry for what happened, but all I have to do is wait for the B sample result. I thank my fans, friends and family who sent me messages of support and comfort and trust in my innocence since this news came out. You will see me back in action again soon. Thank you.”

Penick’s Analysis: Andrade has the right to request that sample be tested and to contest and/or appeal the findings with USADA, but barring lab contamination, it’s always hard to argue the substance in question wasn’t in their system knowingly. For now, he’ll hope that the B sample exonerates him. If not, we’ll find out what other type of explanation he tries to provide.

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