Jake Shields responds to WSOF on contract negotiations: “They’re playing bulls*** little games with me”

“They’re playing bulls*** little games with me… They basically said they were just going to sit on my contract. It was take the title fight, or no fight at all. I signed the contract I signed of my own free will, I’m not complaining about that, but it’s either take the title fight and get stuck with my old deal if I win, or no other fight. This is happening right when I was about to start my camp. We weren’t that far off on money. I’m still open to signing a new contract with them, or I’m willing to take another fight and finish out my contract. It’s the whole ‘take the title fight or nothing else’ thing that bugs me.”

-Jake Shields talks to MMAFighting.com and explains his side of a current contract dispute with the WSOF that led to him no longer fighting Jon Fitch for the Welterweight Title in April.

Penick’s Analysis: It’s a rightful concern for Shields at this point, because if he can command more money with a win in free agency, he should absolutely want to have that opportunity. The title is a meaningless prop in regards to this particular fight anyway, because both were beaten by Palhares in the last 14 months, and it doesn’t mean anything for either of them outside of recognition as WSOF’s default current best. The characterization by WSOF on his refusal to sign a bout agreement was petty and very much in line with “bulls*** little games,” and for now Shields made the right call in not taking that fight.

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