Nik Lentz spits fire at B.J. Penn in new poem after call out

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

After B.J. Penn called him out last week, Nik Lentz ripped into the UFC Hall of Famer on Instagram. Now, he’s one-upped himself, spitting fire in a poem he unveiled during the latest episode of Chael Sonnen’s You’re Welcome podcast.

The poem, entitled “A little poem for a little man,” sees Lentz rip Penn over pretty much everything he could think of. Check it out below (transcribed by

Hey Beej,

It seems you’re mouthing off,
and making some cracks,
about my boy Mike Dolce,
because he can’t get back.

As you distort all the facts,
and reinterpret the past,
when he worked so hard to save you
from your own fat ass.

Then after you took your beating
instead of being a man
you pointed at him
and said it was his plan.

As you flailed around,
eating jabs and hooks
you didn’t blame yourself
you blamed your cook.

Which is really kind of like
the bully you are
You hog glory when you win
but from blame you stay far.

When a better fighter beats you,
not once, not twice,
but the same amount of times
as those little blind mice.

You got three chances to beat Frankie E
and he mopped the cage
with your legend
for all to see.

Now you sit in Hawaii
contemplating your doom
or beating up your friends
in hotel rooms

But nothing keeps you happy
so you persist
in seeking out glory
you’re a narcissist

All you are is an image
so now you must try
to reacquire the spotlight
narcissists apply.

By calling out a nutritionist
or me, his friend
to try to suck more fame
before it all ends

But look at it from my place
as you light another joint
Me and you fighting
what’s the point?

Leaving you for dead
won’t move me up the ranks
in your last dozen fights
you absolutely stank

You’re defense is downright awful
So’s your attack
You haven’t looked good
since we invaded Iraq

You can’t knock me out
with a sock full of dimes
and like Frankie from New Jersey
I can beat you three times

But what vacuum in my career
can it possibly fill?
To tool you up standing
or take you down at will?

See, fighting is my present
and fighting is your past
So calling me out
makes you look like an ass

Like the videos on YouTube
I’m going to watch later
You’re like a cranky old man
offering to fight a bunch of skaters

A rusty old destroyer
that can no longer sink ships
Who gets beat up all the time
like a World Star clip

So save your idle chatter
This poem should let you know
I’m on my way somewhere
you can no longer go

So pack the bong and take a rip
Spend your money’s money
but stop your boring blathering
you fat old dummy


Penick’s Analysis: Have to give Lentz immense credit for taking full advantage of the situation. Penn brought his name up, and he’s responded with perhaps his best and most interesting retort ever. Lentz has always been a talented fighter, but he’s unfortunately yet to inspire strong feelings from fans either good or bad. He’s been simply part of the field. He’s trying to change that, and this is a good effort in that regard. Will a fight with B.J. Penn come together? Probably not. But this gets his name out in the mix and should help bring him a more high profile fight than he might have gotten without it.

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