Nik Lentz responds to “spoiled little rich kid” B.J. Penn: “I’ll make sure to retire you properly”

By Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Nik Lentz is laughing off B.J. Penn’s call-out a bit this morning, if only because a fight between them would have nothing to do with Mike Dolce.

Lentz responded to Penn’s UFC Tonight comments on social media Thursday, and said he hasn’t worked with Dolce for a while. However, he had some choice words for the former UFC Champion anyway.

“I don’t even and have not worked with Dolce for quite some time…so fighting with me will have nothing to do with Dolce,” Lentz wrote. “[But] for the record… f*** you B.J. You talk too much now… you use (sic) to be about actions, but now like the spoiled little rich kid you are, all you do is talk. I’ll gladly fight you anytime. So get your mom and daddy to paint you some plans, fly Hawaii out to Vegas, give little baby Penn what he wants and come out of retirement …. This time I’ll make sure to retire you properly.”

He added one more jab on Twitter after the lengthier post:

Penick’s Analysis: Lentz would absolutely benefit from a high-profile fight like this, but the Dolce connection was the impetus for the callout to begin with. Without that, Penn’s likely to go a different route or simply backtrack from returning. Still, Lentz got in some good shots here, and that by itself could be enough if it raises the ire of the former Champion.

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