TUF 22 REPORT 9/23: Penick’s thoughts on episode three of “Team McGregor vs. Team Faber” seaso

Time for another episode of The Ultimate Fighter 22, picking up where we left off after last week’s win for Team Faber.

-We’ve got Sascha Sharma against Chris Gruetzemacher tonight, and it’s much of the same in the build up to their fight. We get some hints early of McGregor’s strategy, with his coaches coming in for light workouts while he joins in for more in depth sessions at night.

-We get a horrific backstory for Gruetzemacher, whose father was murdered when he was five. Unfortunately still just more talking head stuff with some interspersed training footage.

-Team Faber watches T.J. Dillashaw defend his title against Renan Barao at UFC on Fox 16, and McGregor tries to sow some seeds of discontent by suggesting it’s the last relevant fight for Faber.


Gruetzemacher controls much of the first round, scoring the only takedown and working from the top. Sharma offered up some offense from the bottom but it didn’t seem nearly enough despite McGregor’s bench comments.

In the second round, Gruetzemacher scored another early takedown and tried to impose his well. McGregor got highly frustrated and impatient with his fighter getting mostly controlled and beat up, and he wasn’t happy about Sharma getting taken down more than once in the second round. Gruetzemacher eventually took Sharma’s back, then got into full mount. He went for an armbar, then a triangle, then back to an armbar. Sharma tried to fight it off and got on top. Gruetzemacher eventually worked his was to top position and side control, then again worked to mount briefly. Sharma tried to lock him down, but Gruetzemacher continued delivering punishment. He rode out the roudn on top, bringing this to the third.

-Time for a third round after the break, and Sharma is on his back quickly once again. Gruetzehmacher took rull advantage and began scoring submission attempts. A takedown attempt was avoided, and Gruetzemacher held onto control. He continued to be effective enough as Sharma let the fight just drag. He got taken down several times, and didn’t do much to make anyone want to keep him around. He did eventually get on top and do a little ground and pound damage, but Gruetzemacher managed to counter to end the round on top.

-Gruetzemacher clearly won the decision. Faber found entertainment in McGregor’s emotional response to the bout. McGregor felt the fight was over as soon as Sharma pulled guard in the third, and simply felt like venting frustrations from there.

Gruetzemacher moves on via decision

-Faber criticized McGregor’s approach and told him to show up to morning practice to help his guard. Ah, full circle.

Faber calls McGregor “the hot chick who will only hang out with ugly girls.”

-For next week, Faber chooses Tom Gallicchio against Marcin Wrzosek.

-McGregor blamed his competitor for the loss to Gruetzemacher, and says there wasn’t a skill gap and that Sharma simply gave the win to Gruetzemacher.

-That’s what we’ve got for this week; we’ll be back for more next Wednesday night.

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